This Fresno County lemon law client purchased his GMC Yukon Denali to get to work comfortably as well as drive his kids around safely. Immediately after purchase this lemon law client began to experience a loud humming noise in the cabin while driving. This loud humming caused him to experience headaches and feel that his GMC Yukon was a lemon. After taking the vehicle into authorized GMC dealerships the issues with his lemon GMC Yukon persisted, which led him to research lemon law lawyers in California. After a detailed search he found Shainfeld Law after reading the reviews on both Google and Yelp.

Upon contacting Shainfeld law this lemon law client spoke with a lemon law attorney who provided a free case evaluation. It was explained to this lemon law client that multiple repair orders on their own do not make a lemon law claim, these repairs also need to substantially impair the safety, use or value of the vehicle. Given this lemon law claim was based on noise, it was explained that the best approach would be to argue this humming noise in his GMC Yukon lemon posed a substantial impairment to the use of the vehicle, given that he was now not driving it on the weekends or any extended trips. This game plan proved to be effective and the aggressive lemon law lawyers at Shainfeld Law obtained a very favorable outcome for this lemon law client by way of a cash settlement. Additionally, GM paid all of his lemon law lawyers fees.

Thanks to the experience of his lemon law lawyer at Shainfeld law this Fresno county lemon law client was able to take the cash, trade in his GMC lemon without being upside down, and is now driving a new luxury SUV where he only hears sweet music and the sound of his kids.

Simply because the issue you are experiencing with your vehicle do not relate to the engine, or transmission that does not mean your vehicle does not qualify for some type of relief under the lemon law. If you have purchased or leased a vehicle and are experiencing similar issues reach out now to the lemon law attorneys at Shainfeld Law at 888-567-2279 or visit us at for a free case review.