Act fast.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to filing a lemon law claim in California. As soon as you’ve brought your vehicle in for a reasonable amount of repairs to no avail, start the lemon law process. We focus solely on lemon law and are extremely well-versed in all things lemon law. If you are experiencing issues with your car, motorcycle, RV, or appliance, call our Los Angeles office immediately so we can evaluate your situation and get you started on the lemon law process.

Ask about Technical Service Bulletins.

Ask your service writer if there are any TSBs or recalls related your issues, and if so, make sure they make a note of it on the work order.

Make sure your reports are dated.

Ensure that all of your work orders, repair orders, and receipts are correctly dated. Keeping accurate and orderly paperwork is extremely important to making the lprocess as quick and smooth as possible. While we are equipped to handle whatever you throw at us when it comes to lemon law, having detailed paperwork of your repair attempts and other interactions you’ve had with your dealership will significantly help the process.

Keep all documentation.

Repair orders, repair invoices, work orders, contracts, receipts, purchasing documentation — any paperwork you obtain while trying to fix your vehicle will be extremely helpful to your case. Don’t rely on your dealership to keep copies of your paperwork. Never leave your dealership without a copy of the paperwork, and make sure it’s filled out in a thorough and accurate manner. If you suspect that the paperwork isn’t fully complete, please ask your service writer to write a thorough account the repairs made to your car.

Remember who worked on your car.

As a general rule in California, keep track of the names of the people who do work on your car. Write down their names on your paperwork. Knowing who was making repairs or important decisions about your vehicle is another crucial piece of information in making the lemon law process go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Ask for a new repair order each visit.

If you keep returning to a California dealership with the same or different issues, make sure that the dealership creates a new repair order for each and every visit so that you can easily prove that multiple attempts were made to repair your car. Additionally please ensure that every visit is reflected with an accurate, thorough write-up. Before you leave the dealership, be sure to review the paperwork with the service writer in order to ensure that everything is accurately reflected in the paperwork.

What if I have a used vehicle? Am I still eligible?

Yep! If you bought a used vehicle with a warranty and started experiencing persistent issues while it was still under warranty, your vehicle may be deemed a lemon and you are eligible for compensation. If you have a used vehicle, continue to follow the tips listed here, as you would if you had a new vehicle. Any and all information we can gather during the lemon law process is incredibly helpful in making the whole experience rewarding.

Make sure there are accurate written reports of your repairs.

When you take your vehicle in for repairs in Los Angeles, make sure the issues and the resulting repairs are accurately reflected on the repair orders. Look over the report carefully before you sign. If you don’t believe that your repairs have been documented properly, have a service writer rewrite your repair order. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your dealership or demand to speak with a manager about your issues. The more information you have about the state of your car, the better. You deserve to be in the know about your lemon, and that information should be documented in the paperwork.

Hire an attorney.

Specifically, hire an attorney who specializes in California lemon law. At Shainfeld Law, our sole focus is on consumer protection laws, so we know the intricacies that these laws entail. Even if you’re unsure of whether you have a case, contact us today. Many times, we find our clients have been given wrong information about lemon laws and give up without getting the settlement they deserve. Give us a call today so that we can evaluate your situation and guide you through the lemon law process.

Make sure you can duplicate your issue.

If your mechanic is unable to duplicate the issue your car is experiencing, and thus no repair is made, ask the mechanic or manager to take a test drive with you in order to show them the problem. If you’re able to duplicate the issue, make sure it’s indicated in the repair order. As a general rule, write down the names of the mechanics and managers you work with during your visits.

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