At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney understands the amazing and accomplished feeling of purchasing a new car. Finally, all the concerns you had about maintaining your aging car are gone, and now all you have to do is drive.

When that comforting notion turns into a nightmare of breakdowns and irreparable issues — even after multiple attempts — your new car may be more of a headache than you bargained for.

If your car turns into a lemon without notice, as many cars under warranty do, it is time to lean on our California Lemon Laws to hold the manufacturer liable for replacing, rebuying, or providing a cash settlement for your lemon, so you can move forward with more reliable transportation.

Unfortunately, going it alone against the manufacturer may cause even more headaches than your defective vehicle already has.

Here are three great reasons you need an experienced California lemon law attorney to handle your claim.

Reason #1: Our California Lemon Law Attorney Will Ensure Your Rights are Protected Throughout the Process.

Even when you have a valid lemon law claim, the manufacturer will be less than forthcoming about your options, because they are trained to protect their company, even if that means taking advantage of consumers by purposely misinterpreting the criteria — or even arguing the consumer is responsible for the defect to offer less than you are entitled to for your vehicle.

Partnering with our accomplished lemon law attorney in California will ensure you have the opportunity to achieve the best outcome for your unique vehicle needs.

Reason #2: Our California Lemon Law Attorney Will Pursue the Maximum Settlement for Your Unique Lemon Law Claim.

Your lemon law recovery options include pursuing the manufacturer for a replacement vehicle, repurchasing your vehicle, or a cash settlement that allows you to keep the vehicle.

Once we establish which recovery method is right for you, we will maximize the chances of getting the most out of your lemon law claim.

Reason #3: Our California Lemon Law Attorney Fees Will Be Paid Directly by the Manufacturer.

We understand that one reason people hesitate to partner with a California lemon law attorney is that they are worried about the expense, which is completely valid.

However, our California lemon laws state that the claimant which would be you — is not responsible for paying the legal fees associated with their claim. Instead, the manufacturer must pay your legal fees directly to our law firm, so you are never paying for our legal costs out of pocket  period.

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