Is your Toyota a lemon?

In order to delve further into the Toyota lemon law process, you must first assess whether or not you legally have a lemon vehicle on your hands. The basic parameters of any Toyota lemon law case and buyback program center around a few central terms. First, the vehicle must still be under warranty, whether purchased or leased as new or used. Next, the issue with the vehicle needs to be one that either reduces the value of the vehicle, or that poses a risk to occupants or other drivers on the road. Lastly, it’s critical that you have already given the manufacturer an adequate number of attempts to repair the mechanical issue before diving further into the Toyota lemon law process.

Common Toyota Defects

With over six figures of automobiles being sold as lemons in the United States annually, it’s entirely possible that your Toyota may be experiencing defects that would warrant a Toyota lemon law claim. In the Toyota lemon law buyback cases we’ve experienced, common defects include:

  • Engine issues (Engine failure, knocking, vibrating, etc.)
  • Transmission problems (irregular acceleration, trouble shifting, etc.)
  • Faulty air-conditioning or heating system
  • Warning lights illuminated (check engine or otherwise)
  • Bad brakes (slow braking, irregular tire wear, etc.)

However, this list is not comprehensive when it comes to Toyota defects that could trigger a Toyota lemon law case. Consult with your legal counsel at Lemon Law Now for more information on whether your Toyota’s defect qualifies under your state’s lemon law code.

Toyota Recalls

Recalls can be a source of defects that may launch a lemon law case. Understanding when a manufacturer has released a recall alert and assessing adequate attempts at repair in relation to the recall is critical in a lemon law case. Over the years, Toyota has plenty of recalls to its name; in January 2020, Toyota recalled over 700,000 vehicles, including the 2018-2019 Camry, 4Runner, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Tundra and more, all due to a fuel pump malfunction that can lead to the engine running rough. Toyota has also had to recall massive numbers of vehicles in recent years due to the Takata airbag malfunction, as well as a huge portion of their hybrid line for power loss. If you’re a Toyota owner and have experienced issues that you believe stem from a recall, or if you just want more information about how recalls and mechanical failures in your vehicle apply to the Toyota lemon law buyback program, reach out to Lemon Law Now today for more information on the legal process.


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