California Used Car Lemon Laws

In California, used cars that qualify under lemon laws include:

  • used vehicles purchased for personal, family, or household use
  • used business vehicles that are under 10,000 lbs and registered to a business with five or fewer registered vehicles.
  • used vehicles that were sold with a written warranty
  • used lemon vehicles that were repurchased by the manufacturer and resold to consumers with a warranty covering the defects.

If any of the California used car lemon laws criteria apply to you, contact our Los Angeles office today so we can get the California used car lemon law process started for you. If you’re struggling with a used car that’s still under warranty, you deserve compensation and protection. We’re well-versed in California used car lemon law and can get you the results you deserve.

Understanding your used car warranty

In California, manufacturers are required to repair your car if it’s under warranty. If your used car lemon is no longer under warranty but the persistent issue or defect was discovered before your warranty expired, you may still have a claim. If a reasonable number of attempts have been made to fix your used car’s issues to no avail, contact Shainfeld Law.

What constitutes a “reasonable number” of repair attempts in California used car lemon law?

“Reasonable number.” You’ll hear this phrase a lot in association with California used car lemon law. What exactly does it mean? In California, manufacturers are only allowed a certain number of attempts at fixing your car before you can start to pursue a lemon law claim. Listed below are the criteria needed to be considered a “reasonable number” of repair attempts:

  • Your vehicle’s issues are such that they could cause death or bodily harm, the car has been in for repair two or more times, and the manufacturer has been notified of need for the repairs.
  • The car been in for repairs four or more times and the manufacturer has been notified of the need for repairs.
  • The issue has caused your car to be out of service for more than 30 days since your car was purchased.

The next steps: What to do when you meet California used car lemon law criteria

If you suspect that your used vehicle might be a lemon, or simply want more information about California used car lemons laws, reach out to our Los Angeles office immediately. In order to make the lemon law process as quick and painless as possible, make sure you are requesting and keeping thorough and proper documentation of all your repair attempts and interactions with the service people and managers at your dealership.

Starting the California used car lemon law process

Starting the California used car lemon law process can be daunting, but we’re here to help. If you have a used car that you think is a lemon, the first step is to contact Shainfeld Law so that we can perform a free evaluation of your situation and determine what the next steps are in the used car lemon law process. The reason why it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side is that manufacturers will often fight against lemon law claims, and our lemon law lawyers are experienced enough to deal with these manufacturers in a way that will earn you maximum recovery.

While we feel confident that we can get you the settlement you deserve for your used car lemon in California, there are some helpful hints and tips that you can take into account when starting the used car lemon law process. Taking these steps helps ensure a quick, painless, and rewarding process. Remember, we utilize used car lemon laws in such a way that we insist that the manufacturer cover your legal fees, so you’ll never pay out of pocket for our legal services. There’s no reason not pursue your claim.

In California, you may also be protected by law if you think that you may have been deceived by your dealership in regards to the state your car was in when you purchased it. If you think the dealership withheld information about prior repairs or issues before you purchased the vehicle, or you think your vehicle may have been improperly certified, there are California lemon laws that are in place to protect you.

Tips for Dealing with a Lemon in California

  • Make sure there are accurate written reports of your repairs. When you take your vehicle in for repairs, make sure the issues and the resulting repairs are accurately reflected on the repair orders, and be sure to look over the report carefully before you sign. If necessary, have the service writer rewrite your paperwork for accuracy.
  • Duplicate the issue with your mechanic. If your mechanic is unable to duplicate the issue your vehicle is experiencing ask the mechanic or manager to take a test drive with you in order to show them the problem. If you’re able to duplicate the issue, make sure it’s indicated in the repair order.
  • Remember who you work with. As a general rule, write down the names of the mechanics and managers you work with during your visits.
  • Ask for copies of your paperwork. Repair orders, repair invoices, work orders, contracts, receipts, purchasing documentation — don’t depend on your dealership to keep this paperwork. Make sure you ask for your own copies and keep them safe.
  • Ask about Technical Service Bulletins regarding car. Ask your service writer if there are any TSBs or recalls related your issues. If so, make sure they make a note of it on the work order.
  • Don’t hesitate. Act quickly when filing a lemon law claim. As soon as you’ve brought your car in for a reasonable amount of repairs to no avail, start the lemon law process.
  • Hire a lemon law attorney. Don’t just hire any lawyer, and don’t try to file a claim yourself. At Shainfeld Law, we specialize in consumer protection laws and know what they entail. Even if you’re unsure of whether you have a case, contact our Los Angeles office today.

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