Is your Lexus a lemon?

Knowing whether or not your Lexus is a lemon, and whether it may qualify for the Lexus lemon law buyback program, requires understanding the terms of lemon law. Simply put, lemon law allows customers to receive compensation for a defective vehicle; however, some stipulations must first be met. To qualify for Lexus lemon law, the vehicle (new or used) should still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. At the same time, just because your vehicle has an issue once isn’t enough to qualify under the program; you should provide an adequate number of attempts for the manufacturer or dealership to remedy the error in-house before proceeding with a lemon law claim. Each state has its own guidelines, but follow this general outline before proceeding and contact Lemon Law Now if you believe that your Lexus has reached the aforementioned terms.

Common Lexus Defects

Lexus vehicles can experience a number of defects that qualify them for a Lexus lemon law claim and buyback. We’ve experienced a wide range of defects that have triggered cases across a range of Lexus models. These include the Lexus CT200h, ES 350, GS 450, GX 460, HS250h, IS 250, LS 460L and many more. Some of the primary complaints we see in Lexus lemon law cases include:

  • Transmission issues (shift lag, improper shifting, etc.)
  • Engine issues (engine failure, engine vibrations, etc.)
  • Warning light errors (check engine light illuminating improperly)
  • Brake issues (slow brakes, irregular tire wear, etc.)
  • Leaks (water pumps, head gasket, oil pan, etc.)
  • Failure to start

In addition, problems such as irregular wind noise, faulty door locks or other elements that pertain less to the performance of the vehicle may qualify for a Lexus lemon law case and buyback.

Lexus Recalls

Recalls can be a vital part of whether your Lexus qualifies for a buyback. Most recently, Lexus has experienced a large scale recall due to abrupt stalling, affecting a wide range of 2018 and 2019 models like the ES 350 and NX 300. This was due to a failure in the fuel pump, a problem that required manufacturer assistance to remedy. These types of recalls can lead to poor performance and, if untreated for long, can lead to your Lexus qualifying for a lemon law case. For more information on pending recalls, manufacturer responsibilities, and how all of this ties into a Lexus lemon law case, contact us here at Lemon Law Now for further recommendations on your case and how to pursue a lemon law buyback for your Lexus.


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