Is your Land Rover a lemon?

Land Rover’s are known for their esteemed quality control, necessary for traversing rough terrain in a four-wheel drive vehicle. However, if your Land Rover is still under warranty and experiencing recurring mechanical issues in one specific area of the vehicle, it may qualify under Land Rover lemon law. However, before pursuing a Land Rover lemon law case, you need to ensure that the dealership and manufacturer were given an adequate number of attempts to remedy the defect prior. If your vehicle has spent an inordinate amount of time at the dealership receiving work to correct a problem, you should reach out to Lemon Law Now to learn more about your options in pursuing a Land Rover lemon law case.

Common Land Rover Defects

Lemon Law Now handles all forms of Land Rover lemon law cases, seeing a variety of different defects come through as customers try to navigate how to get back on the road. We’ve dealt with Land Rover lemon law cases across several models, including the Freelander, LR2, LR3, Range Rover, Discover I and II and more. When handling Land Rover lemon law cases, some of the frequent defects we see include:

  • Faulty engine (engine failure, engine vibrations, etc.)
  • Brake issues (brakes wearing down tires irregularly)
  • Transmission problems (issues with shifting, getting stuck in gears, etc.)
  • Leaks (Including oil, engine, water pump, and interior)
  • Starter problems (engine struggling to crank, not starting, battery dying quickly, etc.)

This list is not comprehensive, and Land Rover owners should understand that even problems related to door locks, windshield wipers and lesser “major” problems can constitute a lemon law case. Speak with the attorneys at Lemon Law Now to further understand what types of problems are eligible under Land Rover lemon law.

Land Rover Recalls

When it comes to spotting defects, recall issues can be a frequent source of trouble. Land Rover recalled over 44,000 vehicles in 2019 for carbon dioxide emissions issues. 2016 Range Rovers were recalled due to airbag inflator initiators not properly releasing, causing potential harm in the event of an accident. Furthermore, over 65,000 2014-2016 Range Rover Sport models were recalled due to unsecure door latches, another issue that could prove harmful to vehicle occupants. Should you be concerned about how vehicle recalls may affect your Land Rover lemon law case and want more information, reach out to our experienced staff of lemon law attorneys at Lemon Law now for legal guidance on how to pursue your case.


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