Is your Tesla a lemon?

Do you own a Tesla that qualifies as a lemon under California lemon law? It’s entirely possible, but a few factors must be met in order for a proper Tesla lemon law case to be filed and heard. First, consider whether or not your Tesla vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Tesla offers a variety of warranty packages depending on the model, and you should refer to this first in assessing your Tesla lemon case potential. From there, it’s important to note whether or not the problem prompting your concern was addressed by Tesla dealership techs. In order to qualify for a Tesla lemon law case, adequate opportunity must be given to the dealer to repair the problem. If your vehicle has been out of commission for a considerable amount of time for a recurring issue, there’s a good chance you may qualify for a Tesla lemon law case.

Common Tesla Defects

While Tesla is known for its high-performance, technologically-driven electric vehicles, there are a host of issues that drivers have reported at one time or another. Model 3 owners have complained of a variety of issues, including blurry backup cameras, issues related to paint finish and rust, issues with trunk and door latches, touchscreen failure, and even quite concerning reports from one user of the vehicle shutting down while driving.

These problems that have come up for Model 3 owners tend to be isolated incidents, but they are enough to constitute a deeper look at whether or not a Tesla owner experiencing issues with their vehicle may have a lemon on their hands.

Tesla Recalls

There is also a variety of Tesla recalls that may influence Tesla lemon law cases. In 2017, Tesla issued multiple recalls, one for Model X vehicles that had a faulty second-row seat latching mechanism, the other for both the Tesla Model S and Model X concerning a parking brake component failing. In 2018, Tesla recalled over 123,000 Model S electric cars over a power steering bolt defect. Most recently, Tesla issued a 2019 recall for 2014-2016 Tesla Model S vehicles for failed passenger-side airbag inflators. With this host of Tesla recalls, and new recall notices issued by either company or the NHTSA, Tesla owners experiencing continued problems may look to making a Tesla lemon law claim as they seek restitution. For more information on how your Tesla is affected by lemon law, reach out to Shainfeld law offices for a consultation and feedback on your Tesla lemon law claim.


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