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Is your Volkswagen a lemon?

According to California Volkswagen lemon laws, a car that is experiencing persistent issues while under warranty and within 18 months or 18,000 miles is presumed to be a lemon. If this is the case, you’re eligible for a volkswagen lemon law buyback or equivalent replacement. While Volkswagen lemon law criteria and standards vary from state to state, if you’re experiencing repeated problems with your car, contact us for an evaluation of your situation in California Volkswagen lemon law.

Common Volkswagen Defects

Clients have come to us with complaints about a number of Volkswagen models, from Beetles, Jettas, Golfs, Passats, Polos, Tiguans, GTIs, and more. Below is a list of common complaints, although defects that may qualify your vehicle as a lemon are not limited to this list. Check a Volkswagen recall list to see if any items apply to your vehicle.

Additionally, if you have a vehicle affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal (Audi A3, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Golf or Volkswagen Beetle) we recommend contacting us in order to handle your case, rather than joining a class-action suit. Handling your case individually will allow us to get you maximum recovery. Reach out to us today if you think you’re affected by the VW emissions recall, or any other VW recall. You may be eligible for a Volkswagen lemon law buyback.

  • Faulty dashboard lights
  • Oil, water, or fuel leaks
  • Steering column issues
  • Malfunctioning headlights
  • Engine failure
  • Trunk or door failures
  • ABS issues
  • Issues with mass airflow sensors
  • Electrical problems associated with radio or A/C
  • Vehicle dying while driving
  • Vehicle stalling
  • Vehicle not starting
  • Leaking coolant
  • Check engine light illuminating
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How Lemon Law Now Can help With Your California Volkswagen Lemon Law Case

Lemon Law Volkswagen

If your Volkswagen is under warranty, or your issues started while your car was still under warranty, there are laws in place to protect you. Even if your car falls under the “lemon law presumption”, the manufacturer has the opportunity to argue against this. That’s why it’s important to contact an attorney who is highly experienced in Volkswagen lemon law. Contact us today to speak with someone who knows the most efficient and rewarding process to get you the Volkswagen lemon law case settlement you deserve.

Volkswagen VW Manufacturer Buyback

Volkswagen VW manufacturer buybacks are another retribution option in these cases that LemonLawNow can guide you through. We can get you the VW manufacturer buyback you deserv

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What’s a “Reasonable Number of Attempts at Repair” for your Volkswagen?

In lemon law, the Volkswagen manufacturer doesn’t get an unlimited amount of time or attempts at fixing your VW at a certain point, you must be compensated for the time, trouble, and expenses caused by your defective vehicle. In California, the criteria for “reasonable attempts at the repair” are met if one of the following has occurred:

  • Your vehicle’s issues are such that they could cause death or bodily harm, the car has been in for repair two or more times, and the manufacturer has been notified of the need for the repairs.
  • The car has been in for repairs four or more times and the manufacturer has been notified of the need for repairs.
  • The issue has caused your car to be out of service for more than 30 days since your car was purchased.

Volkswagen Recalls

When a Volkswagen manufacturer calls in a set of vehicles from a particular model, manufacturing year, or a certain set of vehicle identification numbers (VINs) because of defects, that’s considered a recall. Cars are required to perform correctly under a certain set of safety standards, and when they don’t, Volkswagen manufacturers will fix these vehicles at no charge to the consumer. Recalls can either be issued by the manufacturer or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Typically, a Volkswagen manufacturer will notify the owners of affected vehicles so they’re able to bring their cars in for repairs. But it’s always a good idea to occasionally check the NHTSA website to learn of any recent recalls.

Most notably, the German automaker made headlines for being front and center amid the Volkswagen emissions scandal (also known as “dieselgate”). Along with a number of other recalls, the Volkswagen manufacturer got in serious hot water over violating the Clean Air Act. The EPA discovered that Volkswagen had intentionally programmed many of their diesel engines to activate emissions controls only during emissions testing — meaning at every other moment, the engines were emitting more than 40 times the NO output allowed by the Clean Air Act. Over 11 million cars worldwide were affected, including 500,000 in the U.S. from model years 2009 through 2015.

As a result of the emissions scandal, the affected cars were treated like lemons more so than standard recalls, and the Volkswagen manufacturer was forced to offer a buyback to any consumer affected by the faulty diesel engines.

We’re listing out five recent Volkswagen recalls below. Check to see if your vehicle makes the list — if it does, you’ll be eligible for free repairs from your vehicle’s dealership. You should also check the NHTSA or Volkswagen websites to see if your car is listed there under a recent Volkswagen recall.

Recent Volkswagen Recalls

  1. Nissan recalled over 150,000 Volkswagens in the U.S. and Canada because of an issue with the ignition switch that could cause the car to shut off while in motion.
  2. Over 215,000 Volkswagens, including the Murano, Maxima, and Pathfinder from 2015 to 2018 were recalled due to possible leaks from the anti-lock brake pump that could result in a fire.
  3. Around 105,000 Nissans were recalled as part of the Takata airbag debacle.
  4. The automaker recalled 483 Titans and Titan XDs from 2016 to 2018 for missing an important about the truck’s load-carrying capacity.
  5. The 2017 Juke was recalled for an issue with the brake master cylinder that could leak fluid into the brake booster.

Volkswagen Tiguan Problems

When it was first released, the Volkswagen Tiguan was one of the most popular, best-looking compact SUV’s available. Over the years, however, numerous Volkswagen Tiguan problems have revealed the car to be overall problematic. Its subpar quality can be seen through a number of recurring issues with the structure, the engine, and more. 

Volkswagen Tiguan Problems with Structure

One of the best parts of a brand new car is the absence of mysterious or unwanted sounds related to structural issues. Unfortunately for many Volkswagen Tiguan owners, this luxury was one they did not get to enjoy. 

“While driving at any speed and on any road surface, there is a constant rattling coming from the door and window pillars. It is very loud and noticeable at any speed. Going over rough roads and uneven surfaces make the rattling worse. The vehicle is brand new and only four days old.”

Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Belt Issues

Not many car owners think they will ever have to deal with seat belt related issues, but for many Volkswagen Tiguan customers, this has become their unfortunate reality. Most of the issues are related to an unwanted rattling noise as a result of the unique, and undesirable construction of the seat belt apparatus. 

“There is a rattle coming from lower B pillar rattle coming from driver seat belt retractor, overhead console, wood trim on both front doors, both tweeter speaker grills, both rear cupholders, also found rear decklid clips not clipped in all the way driver rear access panel rattling along with both rear stop light access panels.”

Volkswagen Jetta Problems

The Volkswagen Jetta has become popularly known for three aspects- it’s sporty look, its economic nature, and its mechanical issues. While the first two features are desirable to many, Volkswagon Jetta’s problems have seemed to overshadow any benefits that come from the car. If you are experiencing Volkswagen Jetta problems, contact our team of Volkswagen lemon law experts to see how we can help you. 

Volkswagen Jetta Problems with Transmission

Many models of the Volkswagen Jetta, such as the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, have claimed to have an all-new, state-of-the-art transmission system like never seen before. They were right about it being unlike any transmission system of a new car, because for many Volkswagen Jetta owners, it has had major issues. 

 “While accelerating, a distinct grinding noise comes from the transmission. The noise is consistently heard while the vehicle is accelerating between 25-30 mph. My vehicle is roughly 5 months off the lot and has less than 10k miles, so this noise is very concerning. Third-party mechanics have confirmed the noise is a hazard for the transmission, and have advised bringing the vehicle to Volkswagen for a warranty repair.

Volkswagen Jetta Problems with Vehicle Structure

The Volkswagen Tiguan isn’t the only Volkswagen with vehicle structure issues. The Volkswagen Jetta is unfortunately a member of this undesired club too. One of the more unexpected and damaging issues of the Volkswagen Jetta is that many of these cars seem to be improperly sealed, leading to leaks, vent issues, and even freezing within the car. 

“Once diagnosed VW dealership said that it was because the firewall of the vehicle had not been sealed, therefore water was entering the vehicle. There was mold found in the vehicle, which now they have to replace the interior of the vehicle.”

“This car has vent issues and cowl seal issues. The seal is not tight and the inside of the windshield and window freezes.”

Volkswagen Atlas Problems

Again and again, Volkswagen has tried to be at the forefront of car innovation and design. Unfortunately, they seem to predominantly fail just as many times. The Volkswagen Atlas is no exception to this pattern. Volkswagen Atlas’ problems range from brake issues to electrical issues and more. Don’t settle for any of these Volkswagen Atlas problems. Contact our team of Volkswagen lemon law lawyers today to see how you can recover from these damages. 

Volkswagen Atlas Problems with Brakes

Automatic emergency braking has become a common feature for most newly manufactured cars. It is considered an essential safety feature by many, but definitely not by Volkswagen Atlas owners. There are countless complaints about the braking system within the Volkswagen Atlas- which is truly one of the most dangerous misfires a car can have. 

“My autonomous braking system and pedestrian warning sensors are malfunctioning, making my car unsafe to drive. Since it’s purchase in 2018, the brakes have been locked up at least 10 times under normal braking conditions.”

Volkswagen Atlas Electrical System Issues

Volkswagen Atlas electrical system issues are directly related to the braking issues described above. Issues with the automatic emergency braking system have made it a game of unexpected stop and start for many Volkswagen owners. 

“My 2018 R-line Atlas will slam on the brake at times when it crosses a steel insert on a bridge. It thinks there is a car in front of it but there is not…V W will not do anything about this so I will let everyone I know to stay away from V W.” 

Volkswagen Engine Issues

It’s no secret that Volkswagens are not very engine reliable. In fact, Volkswagen has built a sort of reputation for frequently having problems with the engines in their cars. The Volkswagen Atlas, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Volkswagen Jetta are three more models that have been found to have various recurring engine issues. 

“It has proven to be unreliable and unsafe. It has shut off the engine three times while it has been in motion, fortunately at a slow speed. The most recent scary experience occurred when the auto stop/start shut of the engine then failed to restart when the brake was released. I recently learned from VW Customer Service that the vehicle has nine recalls but I have only received notification of four. It is said that Volkswagen has bungled this vehicle. After reading some of the other reviews, we have been relatively fortunate. I strongly advise choosing a different vehicle and to avoid purchasing an Atlas or any Volkswagen.”

Lemon Law Representation for Volkswagen Owners Experiencing Repeated Issues with Their 2018 or Newer Vehicle

Our company focuses on providing legal assistance to individuals who have experienced difficulties with their Volkswagen vehicles, commonly known as ‘lemons.’ If you have been dealing with ongoing problems such as mechanical or electrical defects in your Volkswagen vehicle, our dedicated team is available to support you in pursuing a lemon law claim. With our skilled attorneys who possess comprehensive expertise in this field, we will manage all legal proceedings on your behalf, working tirelessly to ensure you obtain the appropriate compensation you are entitled to.

Here is a list of eligible Volkswagen models manufactured in 2018 or later:

  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • Volkswagen Arteon
  • Volkswagen T-Roc
  • Volkswagen T-Cross
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Atlas
  • Volkswagen Up!
  • Volkswagen Amarok (pickup truck)
  • Volkswagen ID.3 (electric car)
  • Volkswagen ID.4 (electric SUV)
  • Volkswagen ID.6 (electric SUV)
  • Volkswagen Taigo
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Volkswagen Multivan
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Volkswagen California
  • Volkswagen Taos
  • Volkswagen iD.4

At Lemon Law Now, our Volkswagen Lemon Law Lawyers are proud to offer our experienced legal services to clients across the great state of California, including all major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Stockton, Riverside, Irvine, Santa Ana, Chula Vista, Fremont, Santa Clarita, San Bernardino, Modesto, Fontana etc. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing comprehensive representation and seeking justice for our clients in every corner of the state. If you’re facing a lemon law issue, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional assistance in your area.

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Brett was truly amazing to work with. Everything was so easy — from our initial call to the very last conversation.  This was our very first lemon claim (2018 Audi e-tron) and was slightly intimidated by what the process could be and didn’t know what to expect. Brett and his team made everything so easy to understand and seamless. He’s quick, efficient, very reliable. He is super clear up front with the process and quickly answers any questions you have. I would highly recommend Brett if you are looking for lemon law attorney. We couldn’t have done it without him.

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Brett was the best attorney we’ve had the opportunity to work with. If we ever need a Lemon Law attorney again, we won’t hesitate to use Brett. He’s very conscientious, keeping us appraised of what’s going on. If we leave a message or e-mail for him, he’d respond to is in a very timely manner. We will not hesitate to use his services again in the future. We’ll also recommend him to anyone & everyone who needs a good Lemon Law attorney.

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