Is your Dodge a lemon?

While Dodge lemon laws may differ from state to state, the bottom line remains clear: if a Dodge manufacturer is unable to honor their warranty, the consumer deserves compensation. Your car could be covered under a Dodge recall list, like the Ram recall, or it could be a lemon we’ll help you figure out the best course of action for your Dodge so you can get the settlement you deserve.

Common Dodge Defects

We’ve seen some similar issues across Dodge lemon law cases, which we’ve noted below. There’s a chance your car could also be part of a Dodge recall, like the Dodge Ram recall. Most recently, recalled Ram trucks have had problems that could cause the tailgate to pop open while on the road. If your Dodge is a lemon, the issues you’re experiencing could include:

  • Faulty brake pads and rotors
  • Engine cooling issues
  • Malfunctioning cruise control
  • Excessive vibration while driving
  • Airbag malfunctions
  • Jerking during acceleration
  • Transmission failure
  • Engine leaks
  • An issue with dashboard lights
  • Issues with locks and windows
  • Defective gauges or sensors.
  • Dodge Ram recall

How Lemon Law Now Can Help You With Dodge Lemon Law

Even if your Dodge meets the criteria needed to be considered a lemon, a Dodge manufacturer may still argue against this, which is why it’s important not to pursue your case alone. Here at Lemon Law Now, we have a team of highly experienced attorneys who have successfully settled hundreds of cases like yours. Remember, you’ll never pay out-of-pocket legal fees when you work with us, so there’s no reason not to contact us today.

Have a “reasonable number” of repair attempts been made on your Dodge?

In Dodge lemon law, the Dodge manufacturer has the opportunity to make a reasonable number of repairs before your vehicle is deemed a lemon. This helps ensure that the Dodge manufacturer doesn’t take an unlimited amount of time or attempts at fixing your Dodge at a certain point you need to be able to take action and get the Dodge lemon buyback or compensation you deserve. While Dodge lemon laws differ from state to state, in California a reasonable number of attempts have been made if:

  • You’ve taken your car in two or more times for the same serious issue that, if not fixed, could cause death or serious injury to you or others.
  • You’ve had repairs done four or more times for the same general warranty issue and the problem still persists.
  • Your car has been undrivable, either because it’s in the shop or unsafe to operate, for at least 30 days because of these problems.

If this criterion has been met, you may have a lemon and are eligible for a Dodge lemon buyback.

Recent Dodge Recalls

The realities of a recall notice are that, while many may overlook, cast aside and view them as a burden, they’re designed to protect drivers from known automobile manufacturer faults and can mitigate the risk of injury for drivers and passengers alike. Sure, finding the time to take your Dodge into the dealership and have the issue taken care of can seem like a hassle, but it’s time well spent to ensure the safety of your Dodge and your family.

How exactly does a recall even work? When a Dodge is brought into the dealership with a faulty piece of equipment with issues beyond normal wear and tear, dealerships record these issues in their log. Dodge Manufacturers track these problems to spot patterns across vehicle makes and models. When something appears abnormal, they investigate extremely detailed manufacturing logs to identify when and where the problem may have stemmed from. Once they determine precisely what vehicles are affected and how to resolve the faulty equipment, they issue a recall to owners of vehicles from the specified time period and typically send notice by mail to affected customers.

Dodge Manufacturers will typically resolve recall issues free of charge, but they’re not always able to reach out to customers, particularly when the customer is not the original owner of the Dodge. This places a premium on Dodge owners to stay as up to date as possible on pending recalls and have their Dodge serviced immediately. Manufacturer websites will often post recalls direct on their page, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration frequently posts recall information as well; all you need is your VIN to track pertinent info related to your Dodge.

If you’re the owner of a Dodge truck, car, or SUV, some recent recalls to consider for your utmost safety include:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Announces Recall for 2018-2019 Dodge Ram Trucks

The company announced in September 2018 that upwards of 4,200 Dodge Ram 1,500 trucks may have left their manufacturing plants with an insufficient level of rear axle fluid. Dodge dealerships have been informed of the recall and mechanics have been instructed to measure the level of fluid in the rear axle and, if inadequate, replace the entire rear axle assembly at no cost to the Dodge owner.

Dodge & FCA claimed that upon investigating 11 warranty claims filed the previous month from Ram 1500 owners, they became aware of the issue. Of the nearly 4,200 Dodge Rams being recalled, it is expected that less than fifty will require a full rear axle reassembly.

FCA Recalls Over 154,000 Dodge & Jeep Vehicles Over Brake Issue

2018 Dodge Journey’s manufactured between April 12 and June 14, as well as 2018-2019 Dodge Grand Caravan’s manufactured between April 11 and June 14 are being recalled. An issue related to the rear brake-caliper pistons could lead to reduced performance and cause a potential safety problem with the Dodge. To correct the issue, dealers will drain and refill the brake fluid system at no charge to customers.

If you’re a recent Dodge vehicle owner, why risk these types of problems with your new Dodge? Stay current on recalls and stay on the road! If you have a Dodge lemon, contact us today to start your Dodge Journey lemon law or Dodge vehicle lemon law process.


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