What is Lemon Law?

Lemon Law is a consumer protection statute designed to help people who have purchased a car or other product. In essence, it basically says, if your car or other product has been subject to multiple repairs for the same issue or problem you are entitled to relief under the law. Relief can be a replacement, a buyback, or some type of cash compensation.

Is My Car A Lemon?

If your vehicle has been subject to multiple repairs while under warranty, whether it is two, three, four or more repairs, you potentially have a lemon law claim. To make this determination, contact a Lemon Law attorney who can fully evaluate your case, and they should do this as no charge to you.

High Mileage Lemon Law Claim

Even with a high mileage vehicle, you can still have a Lemon Law claim. So, if your car has 20,000, 30,000, or even 100,000 miles, if there have been repairs while under warranty, you could have a potential Lemon Law claim. Call a Lemon Law attorney and get a free evaluation.

What Does The Lemon Law Cover?

The Lemon Law doesn’t only apply to vehicle purchases. It also applies to the purchase of any consumer product with a warranty. So, if you have purchased a washer with a warranty, a computer with a warranty, and there have been multiple repairs, you could have a potential claim. So, contact a Lemon law attorney for a free case evaluation on your consumer product.

Save Records of Your Car Repairs

When you take your car in for repairs, make sure that the dealership accurately documents all the problems you are having with your vehicle. And when you pick it up, make sure to keep the repair orders, as the dealership can lose documents from time to time.

Should I Pay for Repairs Under Warranty?

If your repairs are done under warranty, you actually have paid for the repairs because part of the purchase price of your vehicle is your vehicle warranty. So, don’t let the manufacturer or dealer tell you that you haven’t paid for those because, when you bought that car, it included a warranty, which was part of your purchase price.

Does the Lemon Law Only Apply To New Cars?

Most people think that the Lemon Law only applies to new car purchases, but it actually also applies to leased vehicles and used car purchases with a warranty

Who Pays for Lemon Law Attorney Fees?

If you are having problems with your car, contact a Lemon Law lawyer for a free case evaluation. If you do have a claim, as a general rule, the manufacturer will pay reasonable attorneys fees and costs. If you happen to contact a law firm and they are asking for a retainer fee, or some out of pocket expenses, this is not standard practice.

Why Hire Us?

I started Shainfeld Law because I wanted to help people. And the best way to do that is to maximize their recovery in the shortest amount of time possible. When you call Shainfeld Law, you will get to speak directly to an attorney, as opposed to having your messages relayed through a legal secretary. That means, when you call us, you will get to speak to me or one of my associates and we will be able to provide you real time advice on whether or not you have a claim.

Vehicle Warranty

Your car comes with a warranty because that gives the manufacturer the opportunity to problems you may have with your vehicle. But, if they can’t get these problems fixed in a reasonable amount of time, you may have a potential Lemon Law claim. This would allow you to either get a replacement vehicle, a repurchase, or some type of cash compensation.