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Dear Brett,

I’d like to thank you for your help throughout my case. During the course of my representation, you and your firm provided me with an unmatched customer service and always immediately responded to my questions. I could have not been any happier with the end result and always felt protected having your firm on my side. Words fall short in describing your firm’s prowess & dedication. I highly recommend your firm to anyone seeking assistance when in comes to consumer protection laws.


Brett, was very easy to communicate with and made me feel very comfortable with all aspects of the whole process. He was very prompt on with replying back to me in every question or concerns that I had. I’m so happy that I did my research and found him. Keep it up! Thank you again so much.

BMW Lemon

Brett is excellent at what he does, is very easy to work with and was always accessible. He was able to get the manufacturer to repurchase my car after another firm had worked on my case for 6 months and told me they were unwilling to repurchase it or even offer any monetary compensation. Thank you Brett for everything you did!

Excellent Work

My California lemon law settlement was done in about 2 and 1/2 months. Brett Shainfeld was very professional and answered all my questions through phone calls and emails regarding $ and etc… I’m in San Francisco and he was in southern cal…and everything turned out well.


Great Experience

After the torture we went through with our dealership on our California Lemon Law car and the subsequent challenge of trying to find a responsive, knowledgeable attorney to represent our case, we were at our wit’s end and highly skeptical when we found Brett Shainfeld. However, we found Brett to be clear, communicative, immediately responsive and confident. He adapted quickly to our preferred mode of communication (electronic or voicemail, rather than live discussions), and consistently kept us informed as to what was happening with our case, as well as what to expect next. And the best part is that he successfully negotiated our case with the manufacturer. He made the whole process simple, clear and painless. Hopefully, we will never need to Lemon Law another vehicle, but if we do, we will definitely contact Brett again!

Got the Job Done Quickly and Definitively


Brett Shainfeld put my husband’s and my minds at ease the first time we spoke with him by telephone. And he successfully brought our vehicle nightmare of nearly 2-1/2 years to an end in just two months.

Steering troubles showed up in our 2010 Chevrolet Traverse just two months after we bought the car. The dealership tried to fix the problems, some of which seemed better for a time. Then another repair attempt was made, but only weeks later, we were almost killed in freeway traffic–on a vacation trip–when suddenly the power steering quit in the fast lane, without warning! It caused my big, strong, alert, quick-thinking-and-acting husband to lose control of the car so that a large truck narrowly missed hitting us–and angry drivers honked and hollered at us!

The nearest dealership had to keep the car a few days until needed parts arrived from out of state and were installed. This caused a lot of extreme inconvenience, but after we got the car back we hoped it was finally fixed and to put the experience behind us. However, steering problems reappeared before long, and we prayed often that the steering wouldn’t quit on us again as we drove out of town to doctors and hospitals for life-saving procedures. The last time we even rented a vehicle to help ensure I got to the hospital on time. As the car’s same old symptoms showed up, local dealership mechanics would check the vehicle and try to assure us that all was OK, but we’d been unnerved by the “near-death” experience caused by the power steering quitting and the inability of various mechanics to remove all the steering troubles.

Along the way, our local dealership was sold, so the new dealership tried to fix the car. When the entire steering column and every conceivable related part was replaced, but problems remained, an apologetic service employee told us they don’t know how to fix it and would contact General Motors for advice. He said also that the steering noise would drive him “nuts.” However, a few days later the service manager told me, “No, that’s not how it is. That’s normal.” He was referring to the loud, obnoxious sounds the steering wheel made, even with the littlest movement. Also, there was unusual engine noise when the vehicle merely idled.

But, these steering-wheel and engine noises are so unusual that other persons made You Tube videos of them and posted these videos on the Internet. Further, my husband and I have driven many assorted vehicles over the 92 total driving years between us, plus ridden in many other vehicles, and never did we hear these awful sounds in any of them except our Traverse. So “normalcy” in this case is anything BUT normal. The car we otherwise loved sounded like an unreliable, unsafe hunk of junk!

Neither of us could have sold the car in good conscience to anyone else. Enter Brett Shainfeld to the rescue. My husband found him and other lemon law attorneys online, interviewed a few of them, then told Brett that he is our man. Am I glad he did! Brett is personable, knowledgeable, responsive, efficient; explains things well, moves quickly, and keeps the client informed. He persuaded General Motors to buy back the car. GM paid us promptly, the problem car is gone, and we bought another new car. This has restored a sense of peace that was missing the past few years as stress about the Traverse’s malfunctions gradually clouded everything we did. Thanks again, Brett! Warm regards, and God bless you.

Everything Was So Easy


Brett was truly amazing to work with. Everything was so easy — from our initial call to the very last conversation.  This was our very first lemon claim (2018 Audi e-tron) and was slightly intimidated by what the process could be and didn’t know what to expect. Brett and his team made everything so easy to understand and seamless. He’s quick, efficient, very reliable. He is super clear up front with the process and quickly answers any questions you have. I would highly recommend Brett if you are looking for lemon law attorney. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Great Experience


I had a great experience working with Brett Shainfeld. Easy to talk to and quick to respond, he explained the process clearly from the first phone call and kept me updated on the progress. Everything was done through email and on the phone which made it fast, easy and very convenient. He got me a settlement in a couple of months! HIGHLY recommend him!

Highly Recommended


We had contacted other “Lemon Lawyers” and Brett was the one who took on our case even though it was not a clear “cut and dried” case for a Lemon Law outcome. He was pleasantly persistent with the company involved and finally got them to buy back the car from me when their initial offer was to just give me a small amount of “nuisance” money and be done with me. I highly recommend Brett for anyone who wants results especially with a difficult case that might be in the “gray area”

Incredibly Trustworthy


I could NOT have selected better representation! Mr. Shainfeld worked quickly and helped us reach a great settlement fairly quickly! I elected to pickup my final settlement check from his office, otherwise, I would have never had to set foot in his office. He works quickly and is incredibly trustworthy! Should the opportunity present itself, I would work with Mr. Shainfeld in a heartbeat!

Five Stars


I try to get Chrysler to take back the 200s model with so many problems for almost two years. Until I met Attorney Brett, that’s when he nail Chrysler and force them to buy it back. I was able to finally sleep comfortable for once. FIVE STARS TO BRETT, the best / El mejor Abogado en casos limon.