Is your Infiniti a lemon?

Understanding whether or not your Infiniti qualifies under lemon law requires a few parameters to be met. First, your Infiniti must be suffering from a recurring issue that devalues the vehicle or poses harm to you or other occupants. The vehicle must still be under warranty, whether purchased or leased as new or used. Furthermore, you must have given the manufacturer a fair number of attempts to remedy the problem with the vehicle. If your vehicle has met these terms and is still not performing adequately, there’s a strong chance you may have an Infiniti lemon law case. Speak to our legal experts here at Lemon Law Now for more information as to whether or not your Infiniti qualifies as a lemon.

Common Infiniti Defects

We see a variety of Infiniti lemon law cases due to different defects, each stemming from various manufacturer faults that have resulted in consumers seeking compensation. Common Infiniti defects include:

  • Engine problems (Engine failure, engine vibrations, engine overheating, etc.)
  • Brake issues (Premature tire or brake wear)
  • Transmission malfunctions (trouble shifting, jerkiness, vehicle stuck in reverse, etc.)
  • Warning lights activated (check engine light, air bag warning light, etc.)
  • Pump seal or master cylinder fail
  • Steering alignment issues

Of course, your Infiniti lemon law case isn’t just limited to these defects. Check with your qualified legal experts at Lemon Law Now to determine whether or not your defect is enough to warrant a lemon law case.

Infiniti Recalls

In many cases, a lemon law case may be the result of a manufacturer error that was part of a bigger recall. Recall errors are an important matter to stay on top of vehicle owners, and the issues related to them can prove problematic for car owners. Recently, Infiniti and Nissan recalled over 300,000 vehicles to replace defective airbags; the airbag inflator could explode when exposed to high humidity or temperatures, leading to sharp metal projectiles fragmenting and striking vehicle occupants. Surprisingly for owners, the vehicles affected were from the previous decade, demonstrating that manufacturer errors can take years to manifest in recall notices and illustrating why you shouldn’t hesitate to pursue legal action should you find a unique vehicle malfunction in your own Infiniti. Contact Lemon Law Now for more information on how you can pursue a lemon law case for your Infiniti, how recalls affect your opportunity at a buyback and general legal counsel on lemon law matters.


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