Our California Lemon Law — and even the presumption of the law — may seem confusing to consumers, which is completely understandable.

At Lemon Law Now ., our California Lemon Law attorney knows there are two sides to each potential Lemon Law claim.

First, our California Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers from manufacturers of materially defective vehicles.

Next, it places a legal obligation on the consumer to pursue multiple repairs before they can pursue a Lemon Law claim.

To help clear up the legal requirements, our CA Lemon Law attorney provides free consultations, so we can provide the guidance our residents need to save time and money on repeat trips to the dealership.

Here’s how.

Recognize the Manufacturer Defect Early and Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

When consumers experience car trouble of any kind, their lives become interrupted by trips to the manufacturer or their agent for repairs.

Under the Lemon Law presumption, consumers must present their vehicle for a reasonable number of repairs before the vehicle qualifies for legal solutions.

When the issue is not fixed the first time but continues to require multiple trips to the dealership, it is time to start recording the issues, the number of trips, and the manufacturer’s response to the problem.

The sooner you can identify the problem, the quicker you should contact our experienced California Lemon Law attorney, as we may be able to help you avoid time-consuming trips to the dealership and the expense of costly transportation alternatives.

How Can a California Lemon Law Attorney Help Me Save Time and Money?

The California Lemon Law Attorneys is very clear on the number of “reasonable” attempts vehicle owners must make to repair their vehicles before they can pursue a claim.

A persistent, non-substantial safety defect must undergo at least four repair attempts.

However, if the vehicle poses a substantial safety threat that can cause bodily injuries or even death while driving, they still must attempt to fix the problem twice.

Would you feel safe driving a car to a dealership twice when it can cause serious bodily injury or death along the way? We wouldn’t either.

Depending on the nature of the defect, a consumer may have a legitimate legal claim without taking the time to present their vehicle for the specified number of repair attempts, and our California Lemon Law attorneys can help determine if that is true for your unique circumstances.

Contact Our Experienced California Lemon Law Attorneys a Shainfeld Law, P.C. Today for a Free Consultation

Most consumers are not aware of their legal options when it comes to driving a vehicle that could cause bodily injuries or death, and that they may not be required to meet the conditions set by the Lemon Law presumption before filing a valid lawsuit.

Contact our experienced Lemon Law Attorney in California at Lemon Law Now, today by calling (310) 295-1888 or request a free consultation online to avoid risking injury or spending time and money unnecessarily to receive the relief you are entitled to under California law.

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