This Los Angeles Lemon Law client purchased his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee new and loved driving it.  It was not until he had over 60,000 miles and some recall work that this lemon Jeep Grand Cherokee began experiencing transmission issues.  These transmission repairs to this Jeep caused this lemon law client to take his Jeep into an authorized Jeep dealership on at least 6 different occasions.  He was concerned that his car was not fixed for good, but rather fixed for now.  Like most lemon law clients this Jeep lemon law client had never heard of the California lemon law.  It was only because his son had done some research that he suggested his father call an experienced lemon law attorney to provide a free lemon law case review.

This Jeep Cherokee lemon law client was referred to Shainfeld law and he spoke directly to a qualified lemon law attorney who listened to the whole history of this lemon law claim.  Given the high mileage on the vehicle, it was explained that this case did not meet the California lemon law presumption, but given the repairs were done while under the manufacturer’s warranty, this client would still be entitled to some relief under the lemon law.   This relief came by way of a cash settlement, which is actually for diminution in value for the Jeep this client bought versus the Jeep he received.  Given the mileage on this car, this Jeep Cherokee lemon law client was thrilled with the outcome.  Additionally, given that the Jeep is currently running smoothly, this lemon law client will use the cash settlement for additional repairs if necessary.

The lesson to be learned from this Jeep Cherokee lemon law claim is twofold:  First, simply because your vehicle has high mileage does not mean that your vehicle does not qualify for relief under the lemon law; and Second, it is vital to speak with an experienced lemon law lawyer who can review your lemon law claim and provide a strategy for maximizing your recovery (often times this does not even involve filing a lawsuit.  Be wary of attorneys who simply want to file a lawsuit rather than attempt to resolve your lemon law claim without filing a lawsuit).

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