This Orange County lemon law client is a car lover, more specifically a Corvette lover.  He purchased a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to cruise the California coast.  However, shortly after purchase he believed he had a lemon Chevrolet Corvette. This vehicle began to have substantial transmission issues, which included the vehicle lunging violently at a stop, the vehicle jerking when shifting, the vehicle missing while under 20mph, all of which necessitated the entire transmission being replaced.  Given his love of Corvette’s and the fact that he planned on keeping this for an extended period, this lemon law client believed he had a Chevrolet Corvette lemon given that the transmission was being replaced so early.After doing extensive research for California lemon lawyers and conducting multiple interviews with attorneys who claimed to be lemon law experts, he chose Shainfeld Law to present his lemon law claim to GM.  The lemon law attorney explained to this client that while he had the transmission replaced, that repair on its own did not make this Corvette a lemon.  His lemon law lawyer explained that vehicles come with a warranty, which is an acknowledgment from the manufacturer that they did not make a perfect vehicle.  This warranty affords the manufacturer the right to repair the vehicle.  The lemon law kicks in when a vehicle cannot be repaired after multiple repair attempts for the same issue or the vehicle is out of service for an extended period.  Given this lemon law client’s understanding of cars, he appreciated the candor he received from the lemon law lawyers at Shainfeld law.

Cash and Keep Settlement

It was explained that while they did not believe GM should buy back his car under California lemon law, he was still entitled to relief for the diminution in value in his vehicle.  This is commonly referred to as a cash and keep settlement.   Under this type of settlement a client keeps his car, the vehicle is not branded a lemon, and the manufacturer will provide cash compensation for the issues this vehicle has experienced.  That is exactly what happened with this lemon law claim.  GM agreed to a cash settlement, which included the payment of his lemon law lawyer’s fees and costs.

This cash settlement allowed this client to trade in his vehicle and use the cash settlement to cover any loss from trading in his vehicle early.  It also allowed him to move into a newer Chevrolet Corvette.  He is now once again cruising the California coast with his top-down, but this time he is shifting smoothly in style.

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