At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney knows Ford vehicles are popular with nearly all demographics in the San Diego, Chula Vista, and Carlsbad metro areas. People from all walks of life rely on the strong Ford brand to get them to and from work, school, and even the grocery store each day – and most of the time, they do so without issue.

Ford F-150

Unfortunately, Ford topped last year’s list of the car brands with the most recalls, coming in at 54 total recalls. This is the third consecutive year Ford has led the pack as the most recalled car brand in the United States.

There were 5,692,135 Ford vehicles affected by car recalls last year — the most notable recall being the F-150.

If you drive a Ford F-150 or any Ford model that is still under warranty and cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts, you may be entitled to a legal remedy that fits your needs under the California Lemon Law. We can help, starting with a free consultation.

What are the Most Common Problems Associated with Ford F-150 Vehicles?

Some Ford F-150 truck drivers might experience a wiring system defect that could unexpectedly trigger the electric parking brake. For trucks with a single exhaust system, a rear wiring bundle can chafe against the rear axle housing, causing it to short circuit and activate the parking brake, according to The Associated Press.

Other problems related to the Ford F-150 include oil leaks, unexpected stalling, issues with the power window system, and door latch failures.

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