At Lemon Law Now our lemon law attorney in California works tirelessly to protect consumers from the potential dangers of driving a defective vehicle, which is why is it important for each of our clients to know that our California Lemon Law states that each consumer who is eligible for Lemon Law protection is required the option of a replacement car that is new and substantially identical to their previous vehicle.

Our California Lemon Law attorneys also know how difficult it is to trust the manufacturer — the same manufacturer that produced the previous defective vehicle with providing a safe and reliable replacement vehicle, free from its previous issues.

The good news is, as a consumer who was proven to have purchased a “Lemon,” you are entitled to make your own decisions about how the car is replaced.

What are My Options for a Replacement Vehicle After Proving My Car Was Defective?

When our clients qualify for relief under the California Lemon Law, they can choose the form of relief, or compensation, that they would prefer.

Their options include:

  • Financial compensation for the vehicle
  • Replacement vehicle, free from material defects

Even though our California Lemon Law is clear about what the eligible vehicle owner is entitled to, to ensure your rights are fully protected throughout the process, contact our experienced California Lemon Law attorney at Lemon Law Now today.

Our California Lemon Laws require the manufacturer to cover all fees associated with your lemon, including our legal costs, so you pay nothing out of pocket for our representation.

What’s more, we settle most of our Lemon Law claims in as little as 60 to 90 days, so you can get back on the road, behind the wheel of a safe and reliable vehicle.

The replacement vehicle you receive must include each implied and expressed warranties that would accompany a new motor vehicle of that make and model.

In short, that means it must include all dealer or factory enhancements, and an identical service contract and that came with the purchase of your previous vehicle that was deemed a lemon.

Can I Recover My Out of Pocket Costs from Owning the Lemon?

You will receive compensation for collateral and incidental charges associated with owning and operating the previous vehicle in addition to receiving the replacement vehicle, which may include reimbursements for rental cars, tow trucks, and other miscellaneous expenses that were a direct consequence of your lemon.

The manufacturer will also be held responsible for the sales tax and license and registration fees for your new vehicle.

If you believe your vehicle may be eligible for the protection provided by our California Lemon Law, contact our experienced California Lemon Law attorney  Now by calling (310) 295-1888 or request a free consultation online to learn about your rights and how we can help you pursue the manufacturer for solutions today.

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