At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney in Los Angeles knows California business owners often purchase or lease vehicles for their workforce. And just like other consumers, business owners can unknowingly purchase or lease defective vehicles.

Just like consumers place their livelihoods — or in some cases, safety — in jeopardy when driving a defective vehicle, business owners can suffer business interruptions that lead to significant financial hardship when their workers’ vehicles are not working properly.

The question becomes, does the California Lemon Law protect business vehicles, too? The answer is, it depends. Here is what you need to know.

Does the California Lemon Law Cover Business Vehicles?

The California Lemon Law states that its consumer protection applies to vehicles “bought or used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.”

However, there is an exception for business vehicles that meet certain criteria.

The lemon law will cover a business vehicle if:

  • The business that owns the vehicle in question has no more than five vehicles registered in its name.
  • The gross weight of the vehicle does not exceed 10,000 pounds.

In addition, standard California Lemon Law requirements apply, and include:

If your business vehicle meets the California Lemon Law criteria, and is exhibiting signs of a defect that cannot be fixed by the dealership or a certified mechanic, contact our experienced Los Angeles lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 310-295-1888 or request a free consultation online.

We will pursue the vehicle’s manufacturer for a legal remedy that fits your needs. In addition, the vehicle’s manufacturer will be liable for our legal fees, so you will never pay any out-of-pocket costs to pursue a positive outcome. We have a 99% success rate, and typically produce results for our California lemon law clients in as little as 30-60 days. Call us now to learn more.