Is your Fiat a lemon?

If a Fiat manufacturer isn’t able to honor their warranty, there are laws in place that require the Fiat manufacturer to either buy back or replace your car. If you think you may have a Fiat lemon on your hands, or if your car has been part of a Fiat Chrysler recall, give us a call. We can help you get the Fiat buyback you deserve through a Fiat lemon law claim.

Common Fiat Defects

Here are some common issues and Fiat recalls that our clients have experienced with their Fiat vehicles. This is not a complete list of defects that might affect your Fiat and does not include Fiat recall problems. If you do have a lemon, you may be eligible for a Fiat buyback.

  • Issues with dashboard lights
  • Overheating engine
  • Clutch failure
  • Engine failure while driving
  • Shaking/jerking while shifting
  • Overheating engine

How Shainfeld Law Can Help You With California Fiat Lemon Law

Having a faulty car can be frustrating, whether it’s a Fiat Chrysler recall or a Fiat lemon. The California Fiat lemon law can be confusing, and can sometimes work more in the favor of the Fiat manufacturer. At LemonLawNow, we’re experts in Fiat lemon law and how to get you the Fiat buyback you deserve. We know how a Fiat recall could impact your Fiat lemon law claim, the strict lemon law criteria that must be met, and how to get the highest settlement. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today.

What constitutes a “Reasonable Number” of repairs on your Fiat?

A Fiat manufacturer doesn’t get an unlimited amount of attempts at fixing your Fiat. At some point, you must be compensated for your troubles, which is why there’s consumer protection laws in place that limit the number of repair attempts that can be made. This number varies from state to state, but in California, Fiat lemon law states that the criteria has been met if one of the following has happened:

  • Your car has been out of commision for more than 30 days.
  • YOu are experiencing problems that could cause death or bodily harm, and you have had atleast two failed repair attemps.
  • You have taken your car in four or more times for a less serious warranty issue and the problems persist.


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