What’s Covered Under the Lemon Law?


Now that you know how the lemon law works, let’s discuss the products that are covered under the lemon law. The lemon law deals with items covered under a warranty, so this typically includes mechanical and technical products. A few examples of things that might be covered under the law are:

While most people are used to the term “lemon” being used to describe a faulty car, it can really apply to a wide variety of products. As you can see from the list above (which isn’t even a comprehensive account of everything the lemon law applies to), many of the items you use every day are eligible for compensation under the lemon law. Many of these items are costly to replace, which can give you added peace of mind when spending a large amount on home appliances, computers, and cars.

Typically, the lemon law applies to new items, because new items are ones that come with a warranty. And while you typically purchase most of the above products as new rather than used, the one exception to that is a car. Many people opt for used cars over new, and they think they don’t have protection under the lemon law. However, how the California lemon law works is that it doesn’t differentiate between new or used — it only calls for a warranty to be in place. Even a used car can be protected, as long as it is still under the original warranty, or if the dealer provides you with a used car warranty when you purchase the car.

Motorcycle Lemon Law in California

Good news: There are laws on both the state and federal level that protect consumers who may have purchased or leased a defective motorcycle. Our attorneys in Los Angeles are experienced in the area of motorcycle lemon laws, and we are ready to help. If you think you may have a lemon or are unsure about whether your motorcycle is defective, please call Shainfeld Law as soon as possible so we can get started.

Motorhome Lemon Law in California

Are you the owner or lessee of an RV that’s displaying defective behavior? Motorhomes fall under the protection of lemon laws at both the state and federal level. Here at Shainfeld Law, we specialize in consumer protections, and we’ve already filed several successful claims against RV manufacturers. If you think you may have a lemon, contact our Los Angeles office immediately so we can get you the settlement you deserve and get you back on the road.

Boat Lemon Law in California

Here at Shainfeld Law, we take boating safety extremely seriously. A defective boat can have serious consequences, which is why there are lemon laws in place to protect consumers who have purchased sailboats, power boats, jet skis, yachts, and other watercraft. If you’re experiencing issues with your boat, contact Shainfeld Law so we can get started on your claim and get you compensated.

Small Plane Lemon Law in California

Owning a defective plane can have deadly consequences, and the lemon laws surrounding small aircraft are serious. Filing a lemon law claim for a personal-use plane is no small feat, but here at Shainfeld Law, we have a team that specifically specializes in lemon laws, making us one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful firms in the industry. If you think you may have a plane that’s a lemon, please contact our Los Angeles office as soon as possible so we can get started on your claim.

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