2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 Turns Out To Be A Lemon

This lemon client leased a 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 for his wife.  The first year plus this lemon vehicle drove as designed, but just before 18,000 miles this vehicle had major engine issues, which included the check engine light illuminating, the vehicle shaking excessively, and the traction control message illuminating.  This caused this lemon law client to have major concerns relating to the safety of this vehicle.  This Lemon Mercedes-Benz ended up being out of service for over 30 days, and this lemon law client did not feel comfortable with his wife driving this car. After doing extensive research online for a qualified lemon law attorney in Los Angeles, and after conducting a few lemon law attorney interviews, he was thrilled to find Shainfeld Law home to Lemon Law Now  He spoke with an experienced lemon law attorney, who provided a free case evaluation.  The whole process was explained in detail and after providing all his documentation to Shainfeld Law a lemon law demand was sent out to Mercedes-Benz USA.  Within 30 days of this demand being sent out, Shainfeld Law was able to obtain a full lemon law buyback on this Mercedes-Benz GLA250.  Additionally, his lemon law attorney was able to obtain a mileage deduction to increase the recovery in this lemon law client’s pocket.

Thanks to the lemon law attorneys at LemonLawNow, this California lemon law client leased another new Mercedes-Benz GLA250 and feels safe driving again.

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It is important for people looking to pursue a case to remember that the lemon law applies to both vehicles that are purchased and leased.

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