Going through a vehicle recall can certainly be a hassle — not only in terms of the time it takes to have your vehicle repaired, but also in terms of the emotional stress that comes with driving a vehicle you know has a faulty part. In 2018, many drivers have faced recalls for their vehicles, from manufacturers like KIA to Toyota and its luxury Lexus brand. Recently, General Motors Truck Company has been in hot water over the GMC Terrain recall. Thousands of SUV drivers have been notified of the issue and asked to bring their cars in for repairs.

When a certain vehicle is recalled, it can often damage the reputation of the manufacturer, depending on how they choose to handle the recall. Fortunately, a GMC engineer was the one to discover the issue with some of the latest models of Terrain, and they promptly launched an investigation into any related crashes or injuries.

GMC Recalls in 2018: 2018 GMC Terrain Electrical Problems

The recent GMC Terrain recall is due to a software defect that could prevent the airbags from deploying in the event of a crash. The sensing diagnostic module (SDM) may not deactivate properly when the vehicles are turned off, which could make the model be defective when the car is started again.

And because the SDM controls airbag deployment, this could interrupt how airbags are deployed in the event of a hazardous crash. If the SDM isn’t properly activated, it’s unable to detect a crash when it occurs. So the Terrain’s airbags wouldn’t be deployed at all. It’s been reported that the faulty part was manufactured by Autoliv / Vioneer.

The company has reported that the GMC software recall affects 88,129 GMC Terrains produced between March 2017 and May 2018. As of April, no injuries or fatalities are known to have been a result of the faulty software.

It’s important to know that not all of these crossovers manufactured in the past two years are part of the GMC Terrain recall. If your car was manufactured after May 22 of this year, your car has the correct software in place and is not susceptible to these issues.

How to Get Your Terrain Repaired

If your Terrain has been affected by the GMC software recall, you should have received notification in the mail from the manufacturer. But if you haven’t, that doesn’t mean your car isn’t at risk. You should always check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website for recent recalls, where you can compare your car’s VIN number to the list they have on file. If your VIN is included, you should get your vehicle repaired.

In order to get a replacement for the software that was affected by the GMC recalls of 2018, you’ll need to make an appointment to visit a dealership. The dealership should update the software and fix the problem at no charge to you. If they do try to charge you for the repair, be sure to talk with someone at the dealership about their usual procedure for repairing recall defects. Be sure to keep a thorough record of all communications and any amount you’re charged so you can try and get your money back.

Once the dealership repairs the GMC software recall issue, you shouldn’t have any other problems with that particular component of your car. If you do, it is possible that you could have a lemon whose issues go beyond this year’s GMC Terrain recall.

Is My GMC Terrain a Lemon or Not?

The short answer is: It depends. Your car could be a lemon, but if it’s just the software issue you’re experiencing, it’s probably not. In order for your car to be a lemon, it has to meet a strict set of criteria put forth under California lemon law.

Just having a faulty part in your car is not enough to qualify it as a lemon. It has to be an issue that is persistent and resistant to repairs, even after several attempts. And commonly in lemon law cases, the manufacturer won’t be the one notifying you of the issue — and they certainly won’t be offering to fix it for free.

The reason so many people turn to lemon lawyers like us is that the car manufacturer isn’t usually willing to accept responsibility for the lemon. They typically won’t agree to cover the cost of repairs or replace the vehicle if it can’t be fixed. So that’s where we come in.

Working with a lemon lawyer can make it easier for you to get the compensation or buyback you deserve for your lemon. Manufacturers will likely fight against any lemon claim you make, but having a lemon lawyer on your side can greatly increase your chances of getting back on the road in a reliable and safe vehicle.

If you have been noticing a persistent issue with your GMC Terrain that isn’t related to the GMC software recall, you could potentially have a lemon. We can easily help you determine if your car is eligible for coverage or a full buyback under California lemon law.

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If you’re unsure of whether or not your vehicle is a lemon or if your issues are covered under the GMC Terrain recall, let us help. We’re experts in lemon law, and we have decades of experience in bringing lemon law cases against major manufacturers, including GMC.

Browse through the resources on our website for more information about the lemon law, or give us a call if you need help regarding your own vehicle. We can help you determine if you might have a lemon on your hands and if you’re eligible for a buyback from the manufacturer.

When you contact us, you’ll get a free consultation to help point you in the right direction. And if your car is covered under the GMC software recall, then you can easily follow the steps above to get your car repaired at no cost to you.

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