This California lemon law client is a loyal Volvo customer who purchased their 4th consecutive Volvo vehicle. Unfortunately, this vehicle was unlike the others and began to demonstrate serious engine concerns, which made this client believe this was a lemon Volvo XC90. The issues this lemon law client experienced included the engine misfiring, leaking coolant, the check engine light illuminating, and a squeaking noise on startup. After multiple visits to an authorized Volvo dealership, this client began looking for a qualified lemon law attorney as he did not think it was right that a car with this mileage should have problems.

His research led him to Lemon Law Now, where this lemon law client spoke directly to a lemon law lawyer. The lemon law lawyer provided a thorough case evaluation and explained that the problems this lemon law client was experiencing with his vehicle appeared to be resolved, but he was still entitled to cash compensation for the serious engine issues his Volvo lemon has undergone. The lemon law lawyers were able to utilize the lemon law to obtain a cash settlement for this client, based on the diminution in value in his vehicle. The lemon law settlement represented almost 25% of the purchase price, which this lemon law client was ecstatic about. Additionally, Volvo paid all his lemon law lawyers fees.

The lesson to be learned from this lemon law client is that simply because an issue has been repaired, that does not mean your lemon law claim disappears. By speaking with a qualified lemon law attorney, you can make sure your lemon law rights are protected and you receive compensation under the lemon law.

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