The California Lemon Law covers new and used vehicles that come with the manufacturer’s warranty, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The definition of a “Lemon” in California requires three factors to be true:

  1. The vehicle has a faulty defect(s)
  2. The vehicle issue(s) impairs its use, safety, or value
  3. After reasonable repair attempts by the manufacturer or dealership the vehicle cannot be repaired

Our California Lemon Law attorney at Lemon Law Now, will walk you through the overall requirements and help build your case to pursue the best outcome available for your unique circumstances.

What is Considered a Reasonable Number of Repair Attempts in California?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number that states when the vehicle can be deemed a “lemon.”

The law states that the number of repair attempts has reasonably occurred when:

  • The dealer/manufacturer has not fixed the same problem after four or more attempts
  • When defective vehicle could cause serious bodily injury or death when driven and has not been repaired by the dealer/manufacturer after at least two attempts
  • The vehicle has been in the service location for more than 30 days, which do not have to be in a row, just total, for warranty-covered issues and repairs

These requirements are outlined under California’s Lemon Law Presumption, which allows vehicle owners to pursue the manufacturer for solutions to their vehicle issues.

What if the Manufacturer or Dealer in California Cannot Fix My Vehicle?

When the dealer or manufacturer cannot repair the vehicle defect(s), they must provide a resolution in one of the following forms:

  • Buyback the vehicle
  • Replace the vehicle
  • Provide a cash settlement to the consumer as compensation for their trouble while allowing them to keep the vehicle

Vehicles that were purchased without a warranty cannot pursue a California Lemon Law claim. Only disputes involving the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty are eligible for the pursuit of the applicable Lemon Law.

How Can the California Lemon Law Lawyers at Lemon Law Now,  Help Me Pursue a Favorable Resolution?

Our skilled lemon law attorney in California will review the facts of your claim during a free consultation, so you can make informed decisions about what you want from your pre-litigation demands to the manufacturer.

We will outline the details of your claim and provide evidence that we have lost faith in the reliability of the vehicle based on the reasonable attempts required to pursue repairs under the warranty.

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