At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law lawyer knows how frustrating it is to have something wrong with your vehicle.

Whether it is a transmission problem that requires your car, truck, or SUV to spend more time at the dealership than it does on our California roads, or an electrical problem that keeps your onboard options from working properly, we know that you simply want it fixed.

When a vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty, drivers will typically contend with multiple trips to the dealership because they are not paying for the expense. This usually gives the dealership a little more latitude to find a solution.

The reality is, you do not have to deal with the inconvenience and safety issues that accompany a vehicle defect — especially when the dealership cannot fix it. So, what is next?

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The California Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased or leased a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and is exhibiting signs of a defect.

To be eligible to file a lemon law claim, the owner must have attempted to have the same issue fixed during a reasonable number of dealership appointments without reaching a remedy.

The problem becomes, that the dealership may not openly admit that you may have a lemon on your hands.

The auto repair shop, or auto repair technician, is only in a position to put their employer’s best interests first. That means continuing to work on a vehicle they cannot fix.

For consumers, it means putting their safety in jeopardy each time the car, truck, or SUV is not operating properly, followed by extensive time without their vehicles while it is being worked on.

If your auto repair attempts have not been successful, disregard the opinion of the auto repair technician and contact our skilled California lemon lawyer today to learn more about your rights to pursue the manufacturer for a remedy that stops the current dealership cycle you are in.

Speaking with a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles provides the legal guidance California consumers need to pursue actual results, including holding the manufacturer liable for a replacement vehicle or vehicle buyback solution.

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