At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney knows all vehicles require regular maintenance to repair the wear and tear that comes with regular use. Unfortunately, some vehicle owners are experiencing vehicle trouble soon after they drive their new cars off the lot.

According to the annual J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS), survey results were obtained from owners of new vehicles based on the first 90 days of ownership, and these were the top problems reported.

Problem: Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems

As electronic information, entertainment, cameras, and driver assistance systems continue to advance and evolve, so do the problems that come along with the popular onboard options.

The features, controls, and displays are often challenging and fail without notice. Although these failures typically do not lead to a disabled or undrivable vehicle, the manufacturer usually provides no immediate remedies for fixing them.

Problem: Unwelcomed Noises and Warning Messages

Unfortunately, purchasing a new vehicle does not guarantee a smooth and quiet ride. Consumers are complaining of unwelcomed noises coming from the brakes, suspension, and engines of new cars, including:

  • Scraping or grinding sound from the brakes.
  • Clunking or popping from the suspension.
  • Vibrations coming from the engine.

Other troubles include the illumination of a check engine light or other warning messages and system errors that lead to multiple trips to the dealership.

Problem: Electric Vehicle Batteries

Owners of battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles cite more problems with their vehicles than internal combustion engine owners. Battery degradation over time limits their capacity to hold a charge, resulting in reduced driving range. This can lead to decreased overall performance. In addition, extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can affect the battery’s efficiency and overall lifespan.

Moreover, EVs have complex electrical systems and components that require specialized knowledge and training to repair. Not all repair shops are equipped to handle EV-specific issues.

Problem: Extended Time on The Lot

Whether it was due to supply chain issues, inflation, or consumer concerns regarding the cost of buying a new vehicle, cars, trucks, and SUVs are spending more time on the lots than before.

The increase in the time between when a vehicle is manufactured and when it’s sold can lead to problems with the battery, fuel system, tires, engine and transmission issues, paint defects, and vehicle seals and rubber component problems.

If you believe something is wrong with your vehicle, no matter how small the problem may be, report any trouble to your dealer for an inspection and documentation, using your new vehicle warranty to your advantage.

Keep all documentation, and act as quickly as you can. This may help speed up a warranty claim or California Lemon Law claim if it cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts.

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