Once manufacturers realize a consumer has a legitimate defective vehicle claim, they will often offer a quick settlement or replacement vehicle to make it go away.

At first, this may appear to be an appealing offer. However, consulting with a lemon law attorney who is highly trained in this specialized section of California law may allow consumers to receive a higher return.

At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney only handles these types of cases. That means we work tirelessly to ensure that consumer rights are protected, so they can receive the entire relief to which they are entitled.

Why Consumers Agree to Lesser California Lemon Law Settlements

When a vehicle’s defect impacts the car’s safety, value, or use, and a mechanic cannot fix the problem, consumers may be entitled to file a lemon law claim. The problem is, they can quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of time their car has spent at the dealership, and the expenses that accompanied constant breakdowns and alternative transportation costs.

In the end, they just want to put it all behind them, and move forward with a vehicle that actually works. That often leads consumers to just take what the manufacturer offers, which is typically a replacement vehicle or monetary compensation for the defective vehicle.

What the consumer may be missing is the money they have spent for repairs, rental cars, towing costs, and more.

The reality is, consumers deserve to be placed back into the position they were in before purchasing the defective vehicle. We can help get you there quickly and effectively.

How Can Shainfeld Law Help Strengthen My California Lemon Law Claim?

When consumers negotiate with manufacturers directly, they may not understand their legal rights and options to pursue a full recovery.

At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney leaves no detail to chance when negotiating settlements for consumers throughout the Golden State to ensure that vehicle manufacturers are complying with their legal obligations.

When they fail to do so, we will litigate their case inside a courtroom to ensure that each of our clients is pursuing the best outcome for their claim.

California lemon law is our only legal focus, which is reflected by our 99% success rate.

Our experience, skill, and resources are all available to California residents starting with a free consultation. Our clients never pay for our services, as we collect all legal fees directly from the vehicle’s manufacturer during the claim.

If you are experiencing ongoing mechanical trouble with a vehicle that is still under its manufacturer’s warranty in California, contact our experienced Los Angeles County Lemon Law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 888-567-2279 or request a free consultation online.