At Lemon Law Now , our California lemon law attorney provides the legal guidance our clients need to pursue their vehicle’s manufacturer for solutions after they have purchased or leased a new or certified preowned vehicle with a model year within the last four years.

Our Lemon Law Now in California were designed to protect Californians who purchase a faulty or defective vehicle that is proven to be a lemon, which means its issues cannot be fixed after “reasonable” repair attempts.

If you do own a defective vehicle, whether it is a new or used car, Jeep, SUV, or truck with a valid warranty from the manufacturer, then you legally have the right to pursue one of three solutions from the manufacturer, and our California Lemon Law attorney can help.

What is a “Reasonable” Number of Repair Attempts to Meet California Lemon Law Requirements?

To pursue Lemon Law solutions in California, we must prove the motor vehicle defect substantially affects its use, value, or safety.

Next, we must prove that the vehicle has undergone “reasonable” repair attempts by an authorized agent.

When a vehicle is under warranty, the repair shop must be an agent of the manufacturer, which is typically the dealership where it was purchased, to work on the issue(s) that is hindering your ability to operate it successfully.

The next question is, how many repair attempts are reasonable? That depends on the defect.

If the vehicle’s defect poses a significant safety issue — where bodily harm or death could occur through its use — the reasonable number of repair attempts is two.

If the vehicle’s defect does not pose a significant safety issue, the reasonable number of repair attempts is four.

If your vehicle has remained in the repair shop for more than 30 days, no other repair attempts are necessary to qualify for Lemon Law eligibility in California.

Do I Have to Pay Out of Pocket for My Lemon Law Attorney Fees in California?

At Lemon Law Now, our California lemon law attorneys understand how frustrating owning a defective vehicle can be, and that adding lawyer fees on top of your quest for solutions can be overwhelming.

The good news is, our California Lemon Law allows consumers the right to bill California lemon law lawyer fees and related costs directly to the automobile manufacturer, so you pay no upfront fees for our services.

If you have additional questions about how to pursue a Lemon Law claim in California, contact our experienced lemon law attorney in California at Lemon Law Now, today by calling (310) 295-1888 or request a free consultation online. We will outline your legal options and answer any questions you may have about the process and your eligibility, so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your vehicle recovery needs.

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