At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney knows that purchasing a new or used vehicle can cause buyer’s remorse shortly after the excitement of the purchase subsides.

Unfortunately, unless the terms of the vehicle’s purchase include language that allows for the car’s return — typically within a certain timeframe or mileage period — then you may be stuck with your purchase.

Without a return agreement in writing, Californians have little recourse for returning a new or used vehicle, simply because they do not want it anymore.

Here are a few ways you may be able to legitimately return your California vehicle.

Plead Your Case With the Dealership

The dealership is your first line of defense for returning a vehicle after you have signed its purchase contract.

You can talk to the salesperson and explain why you would like to return it by pleading your case. Keep in mind, simply having buyer’s remorse typically is not a good enough reason to return a vehicle.

If you were intentionally misled by the dealership, you may have a legitimate case for returning the vehicle.

Failing to disclose the full price or terms of financing, misrepresenting the accident history or condition of the vehicle, false advertising, or any other form of fraud, may allow you to return the vehicle for a full refund.

Of course, you will have to provide the evidence to support this claim to be successful.

You Purchased a Contract Cancellation Agreement

If you purchase a contract cancellation agreement with a dealership and decide to return the vehicle and cancel the sale, you must follow certain guidelines outlined within the paperwork.

A buyer dissatisfied with a new or used-car purchase must return the vehicle within the time limit listed in the contract, without exceeding the miles permitted, with all original receipts for the sale and the contract cancellation o agreement.

What If My Car Turns Out to Be a Lemon?

The California Lemon Law allows you to return a new or used vehicle to a dealership if you can prove that it is a lemon with chronic mechanical or electrical defects a mechanic cannot fix after a required number of attempts.

Under our California Lemon Law, buyers may get a replacement vehicle or a refund of the original purchase price, and we can help.

There is never any charge to partner with an attorney to discuss your lemon law options, or for us to file a claim on your behalf. The manufacturer is responsible for all legal fees associated with a lemon law claim in California, so our services cost consumers nothing.

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