Should I Hire A Lemon Law Attorney?

That’s the question you’ll have to approach strategically as you navigate the lemon law process, but we’re here to list the reasons why turning to legal assistance may prove the most cost-effective measure.

Reason to hire a lemon law attorney #1: The Manufacturer Pays the Attorney Fees

The first — and most important– element that you should understand about the Lemon Law buyback program is that California Civil Code Section 1794(d) requires a manufacturer to pay a prevailing car buyer’s attorney fees. The result of this civil code is that, should you feel that have an ironclad or even very strong case against the manufacturer, the manufacturer will end of covering your legal fees in the end. Because of this, many Lemon Law attorneys are willing to work with clients on payment methods that best reflect this result, assisting clients in making a minimal investment in the process.  But by no means should you pay a lemon law attorney a retainer fee or any monies upfront to work on your lemon law claim.

Reason to hire a lemon law attorney #2: Stronger Negotiating Leverage

Another benefit of hiring a Lemon Law attorney at Lemon Law Now, is that you’ll have stronger negotiating leverage than otherwise. Remember that civil code we just mentioned? When you enter negotiations with an attorney, a clock is started on potential pending attorney fees that manufacturers will be faced with should they lose. This places greater incentive in expediting the process, giving you a stronger position to leverage from than if you entered negotiations without representation. Companies see no incentive in speeding up a settlement and increasing their debt, so they’ll find every trick in the book to slow the process to a halt when you’re without representation.

Reason to hire a lemon law attorney #3: Lemon Law Legal Expertise

Additionally, an experienced lemon law attorney brings legal expertise that helps insulate you from legal errors that could compromise your case, costing you far more in the long run than hiring an attorney. Thus, it’s highly recommended that should you believe you have a legitimate Lemon Law case, you reach out to an experienced lemon law attorney immediately for legal assistance.  Do not reach out to a general practice attorney as the lemon law is a unique area of the law with its own nuances, which is why when you do reach out to an attorney make sure it is an attorney who specializes in lemon law.