At Shainfeld Law, our San Francisco lemon law attorney knows the Dodge Charger and Challenger are exciting cars that offer a lot of muscle behind their streamlined designs. In addition, they give drivers the nostalgic feel of driving a classic icon supported by modern technology and dependability. Until it doesn’t. 

Unfortunately, over the past few years, Dodge Chargers and Challengers have frustrated vehicle owners by exhibiting defects that cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts by their dealerships. 

The good news is, for those whose vehicles are still under warranty, the California Lemon Law can provide a legal remedy that fits their needs so they can put their car problems and frustrations behind them. We can help. 

Dodge Charger or Challenger in the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Metro Area

What are the Most Common Problems with the 2019-2024 Dodge Charger or Challenger?

One of Dodge Charger owners’ most significant consumer complaints is that their brakes have excessive vibrations and become too erratic.

Some owners got into crashes because of faulty brakes, while others complained of ill-fitted rear brake pads leading to broken rotors. These problems made driving the Charger dangerous while diminishing the driving experience. 

The Challenger, on the other hand, had two windshield and electrical system recalls. 

In addition, some owners experienced clunking or banging on start-up sounds, which frustrated the entire ownership experience. 

Other problems with both the Charger and Challenger included:

  • Alternator failure.
  • Brake system and suspension issues causing drivers to lose control of their power steering. 
  • Defective airbags. 
  • Faulty radiator fans.
  • Premature engine failure.
  • Premature wear and tear of the suspension system. 
  • Shifting issues, like the gear shift getting stuck.
  • Transmission and software problems.

If you own a Dodge Charger or Challenger and are experienced vehicle defects that the manufacturer cannot fix, contact our dedicated San Francisco, California lemon law attorneys for help today. We will review your claim during a free consultation and help you enforce your consumer rights under the California Lemon Law to reach a legal remedy that meets your unique needs. 

How Many Repair Attempts Do Dodge Manufacturers Have to Fix My Charger or Challenger?

The Legal Presumption qualifies the number of attempts to satisfy the Lemon Law California legal standard as:

  • At least two repair attempts if the defect could cause serious bodily injury or death. 
  • After four or more attempts, if the defect continues to cause the same problem and cannot be fixed. 
  • A vehicle spends 30 (non-consecutive) days at the dealership/mechanic for warranty-covered issues and repairs. 

If you believe your vehicle’s defect meets the legal criteria for a California lemon law claim, we can help. Contact our experienced San Francisco area lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 310-295-1888 or request a free consultation online to learn more about your eligibility to file a claim.

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