At Shainfeld Law, our SacramentoRosevilleArden-Arcade metro area lemon law attorney knows many problems have recently surfaced with Ford model vehicles, including the F-150, the Bronco, and the Focus and Festiva.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are the most recent Ford vehicles to experience trouble impacting California residents due to significant seatbelt defects.

Ford Expedition

These SUVs have seat belt pre-tensioners in the front seats that may lock the seat belts unnecessarily. If the vehicles cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts, this critical safety concern could fall under the consumer protections provided by California’s Lemon Law.

Are Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners Important to their Effectiveness?

Seat belt pre-tensioners are designed to tighten the seat belts immediately before a crash, holding the passengers more securely and reducing the risk of injury. However, due to the defect described, these pre-tensioners may deploy without warning or necessity, locking the seat belts.

Ford has provided a statement regarding the defect’s nature, explaining its technical aspects and potential risks. According to Ford’s statement, “Although unproven, [Ford’s Critical Concern Review Group] theorizes that a water leak related to a drain seal on the right front floor related to air-conditioning usage may increase humidity when Max A/C is used for extended periods and contribute to pretensioner squib pin corrosion.”

Faulty seatbelts pose significant risks to vehicle occupants for several reasons. Seatbelts are a critical safety feature designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision by restraining them to minimize injury.

When seatbelts do not function correctly, dangers can include ejection from the vehicle and increased risk of injury or death.

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