At Lemon Law Now, our California lemon law attorney understands that when our residents have repeated car trouble, and a mechanic cannot fix the issue, their frustration can make our California Lemon Laws seem even more complicated, making them feel like they are running out of options.

If you have a defective vehicle that is still under the factory warranty in California, and you have exhausted the qualifying number of reasonable vehicle repair attempts, you may be eligible for one of several vehicle recovery options available under the California lemon law.

Our California lemon laws provide several potential options for vehicle owners to hold the manufacturer liable for their purchase. One viable option may entitle you to a vehicle buyback as a solution to your car troubles.

This is where the auto manufacturer buys the vehicle back from you, which will allow you to pursue the financial compensation you deserve, so you can find a new, non-defective vehicle.

What Financial Compensation is Included in a Vehicle Buyback?

In California, a Lemon Law buyback should include a refund of all cash you spent to buy the vehicle and any additional expenses that were incurred during its use.

This would include the:

  • Down payment
  • All monthly payments
  • Interest
  • Taxes
  • Rental cars or other transportation costs and towing expense reimbursement
  • Balance of the loan

The manufacturer should also compensate the owner for GAP insurance or service agreements that were purchased with the vehicle, so they are truly made whole again through the lemon law buyback solution.

What Costs Am I Responsible for During the California Lemon Law Buyback Process?

The manufacturer must pay nearly all the expenses associated with a buyback vehicle, which our experienced California lemon law attorney will fully outline on your behalf by asking all the right questions about your challenges throughout the ownership of the vehicle.

As the vehicle’s owner, you may be responsible for the mileage that was placed on the vehicle during the time you owned it, called a usage fee.

This is calculated by determining the value of the miles you drove the vehicle before the mechanical problems started, which we will also calculate, so you can focus on putting this experience behind you.

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