This Northern California lemon law client purchased her 2017 GMC Acadia to be used for commuting to work and making sure her family got to all its destinations.  Given the remoteness of this California lemon law client’s home, she drives long distances for work and family.  After a few months of owning this GMC Acadia, she began to experience transmission issues which were evidenced by this GMC lemon struggling to find a gear while driving, and the vehicle not shifting while driving.  After multiple repairs and the issues continuing to persist, she was beyond frustrated with her GMC Acadia, believed it was a lemon SUV.

Her belief that her GMC Acadia was a lemon caused her to call multiple California lemon law attorneys, but she wanted an expert in lemon law who not only was an aggressive lemon law lawyer but one that could explain to her the California lemon law.  Her research led to her to LemonLawNow, and she chose Shainfeld Law to represent her lemon law claim against General Motors.  Upon contacting Shainfeld Law she immediately spoke to an experienced lemon law attorney who outlined both the strengths and weaknesses of her case.  Given the mileage on the vehicle at the first repair attempt her lemon law lawyer at Shainfeld Law did not think a lemon law buyback was a reasonable outcome, but rather this would be cash and keep case.  Her lemon law lawyer explained that with a cash settlement, she would keep the car, the settlement would be confidential, the warranty would remain in place and the title of her car would not be branded a lemon.  She would then be able to take the cash settlement from this lemon law claim and use it to offset any lost value when she trades in her GMC Acadia.  This predication became a reality when after about 45 days General Motors made a cash settlement on her GMC Acadia lemon law claim.  This cash settlement included payment of all her attorneys fees and costs.

With this cash settlement, this lemon law client traded in her vehicle for a new SUV, which is shifting smoothly and allowing her to get to work and drive her family safely.

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