Recalls can come in many shapes and sizes. From the obvious to the unassuming, circumstances constantly arise where vehicle manufacturers discover a component with a faulty installation or a malfunctioning construction that can lead to bigger problems down the line. For vehicle owners, it can be easy — almost too easy — to let these problems slide. Many have no clue they’re even occurring until they get the recall notice in the mail, and if that slips by them it remains a mystery until the next dealership service or, unfortunately, when the recall issue rears its ugly head.

These worst-case scenarios are embodied by the trickle nobody can see: the part that’s failing that has seemingly no effect on the performance of a vehicle and goes otherwise unnoticed, all up until a major defect occurs as a result. These moments can cause accidents and injury, both of which vehicle owners have every right to avoid as they pursue a safe ride. This puts an utmost premium on staying current with vehicle recalls, whether that be through taking careful attention of the mail, searching recalls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website or maintaining regular service on vehicles by going through the manufacturer’s affiliate dealership.

The owners of the popular GMC Terrain mid-size SUV can attest the importance of staying up to date on recalls. In October 2018, General Motors issued a recall on over 88,000 of the 2018 models of one of its most possible vehicles. The reason? Faulty software and a small, failed component leading to airbags being prevented from deployment. This is, of course, an immediate danger to anyone operating a GMC Terrain and the type of problem that would not be realized until the dealership inspects or, worse yet, an accident occurs.

What are the finer points of this recall? Is your vehicle a part of the recall? What risks are there in driving a GMC Terrain without the correction? How can you get everything fixed up and back on the road? These are a few questions that might be on your mind and that we’re going to address for you, starting with

What are the Details of the 2018 GMC Terrain Recall?

GMC has stated that more than 88,000 select Terrain SUVs from 2018 are falling under their recall notice. Specifically, 2018 models built between March 14, 2017, through May 22, 2018, are vehicles that are part of the recall.

The problem derives from an airbag sensor not powering down properly when the vehicle is shut off. When the vehicle is restarted, the sensor may fail to engage upon ignition. In this situation, the vehicle’s airbag system may not function properly in the event of a crash.

GMC has indicated that there are currently no reported accidents, injuries or fatalities that are related to this issue. Despite this, the company is taking the recall very seriously as the nature of the failed component plays such an instrumental role in the safety of the vehicle operator and passengers. The company will begin notifying vehicle owners in short notice, but if you’re concerned that your vehicle may be a part, contact your local dealership sooner and speak with a representative to discuss your options.

How is the issue remedied so you can get back out on driving your new 2018 vehicle? The problem is the result of the sensing diagnostic module (SDM) component, and thus the fix is centered around a software update that will reprogram the SDM to ensure that it is powering down and restarting properly. GM is doing this free of charge for customers: vehicle owners just have to contact GM customer service as 1-800-462-8782 with the recall number of 18179 for assistance or reach out to the nearest GM dealership for more information. The recall is a fairly quick fix once techs have the vehicle in, but should it take longer than expected GMC will provide a loaner vehicle to owners who are affected until the issue is resolved and you can be safely back on the road.


What are Your Rights if You Suspect an Accident was Caused by a Recalled Component?

The case is typical that a vehicle is recalled for defects in safety components after incidents in which serious injury or death occurred. Throughout the research, development, and manufacture of an automobile, manufacturers hold a responsibility to consumers to implement broad testing over all components to ensure vehicle safety. They are required by regulatory agencies to meet certain safety measures in order for their vehicle to reach the market. However, with vehicles becoming more and more complex over the years as onboard systems convert to advance software with a greater versatile range of both cabin and operation functions, it’s natural to expect that recalls are becoming a more common theme in the automobile industry.

California state lemon laws protect consumers from manufacturer recalls that continue to go uncorrected after a finite number of opportunities to institute a fix. Acts like the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act protect California consumers from lemons by dictating the length of time a vehicle can be out of commission as well as the number of attempts at fixing the problem that the dealership has. If the same issue cannot be correct after three attempts for the same problem, you may have a lemon vehicle on your hands; that number is reduced to two attempts for problems that could result in serious injury or death, such as in the event of the GMC Terrain recall.


Get Help from the Califonia Lemon Law Expert

If you believe that you have a vehicle qualifying for lemon status, are getting nowhere with your dealership and want to be safely back out on the road, or if you believe that you were part of an accident and were injured in the process as a result of a similar failure to that listed in the recall notice, please feel free to reach out to the law office of Lemon Law Now,.

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