At Shainfeld Law, our Sacramento lemon law attorney provides leading legal guidance for clients in Sacramento County and throughout the state who believe they have a California Lemon Law claim, so they can pursue the best remedy for their unique needs.

First, we must establish that your vehicle qualifies for California consumer protection, under our lemon laws.

Here is how.

How Does a Defective Vehicle Qualify for a Sacramento Lemon Law Claim?

California’s Lemon Laws presume a vehicle to be a lemon if one of the following is true and a mechanic cannot fix the issue after a consumer has:

  • Pursued at least two vehicle repair attempts for a defect that may cause serious bodily injury or death
  • Pursued at least four vehicle repair attempts for any other defect
  • Had their vehicle at the dealership, out of service for use, for a total of thirty days

If this is true of a vehicle that was purchased or leased in California and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, the consumer is presumably entitled to receive a refund or replacement vehicle under our California lemon law.

How Can the Sacramento Lemon Law Attorney at Shainfeld Law Help Me Pursue a Successful Claim?

First, it is important to know that partnering with our Sacramento lemon law attorney does not cost the consumer any legal fees or costs.

When we secure a successful California lemon law claim for our Sacramento lemon law clients, the manufacturer is responsible for all our legal fees, which leaves the consumer paying nothing out of pocket for our services.

Once we review the circumstances of your case, and determine you have a valid claim, our Sacramento lemon law attorney will complete the necessary paperwork to pursue the manufacturer to repurchase your vehicle, provide a replacement vehicle, a deliver a cash settlement, depending on which remedy is right for your unique Sacramento lemon law claim.

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