Our San Jose lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law is dedicated to representing California

consumers who have unknowingly purchased defective vehicles because we know how much our clients depend on their cars, trucks, and SUVs to support not just their livelihoods, but their overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, even when your vehicle is under a valid warranty, repeated trips to the dealership can become increasingly overwhelming and lead to significant out-of-pocket towing and alternate transportation costs on top of your car payment and insurance premiums.

Next, when your vehicle is exhibiting signs of a manufacturer’s defect, you must prove that is true to file a successful San Jose lemon law claim, which is often easier said than done without an experienced San Jose lemon law attorney by your side.

Here are the first steps you can take in the right direction to obtain consumer protection under our California Lemon Law.

Take Your Vehicle in for Repairs Immediately After Identifying an Issue

To exercise your rights under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer must have an opportunity to fix the problem first.

As soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle, take it to the dealership or manufacturer for repairs right away. The longer you wait to pursue repairs, the more likely the manufacturer will be to blame you for the vehicle’s problems.

While the vehicle is at the dealership or certified repair shop, take and maintain all records related to the attempted repairs, which can include repair orders and receipts.

Make notes about your questions and their responses, and how long the vehicle is in their care.

If the mechanic cannot fix the vehicle in a qualifying number of attempts, you may have a San Jose lemon law claim that our attorney can help you present to the manufacturer to replace or repair your vehicle or pursue a cash settlement for the defective issues.

Gather All Necessary Documents to Thoroughly Discuss Your Claim with an Experienced San Jose Lemon Law Attorney

Documentation is one of the keys to a successful San Jose lemon law claim, which is why it is important to record your interaction with the dealership from the time the defect begins.

Do not count on the dealership to maintain proper records on your behalf, as a mere computer glitch or even administrative error can delete any account of your visits, which could jeopardize your ability to pursue a successful California lemon law claim.

To prepare for your free consultation with our San Jose lemon law attorney, gather the following items:

  • All information regarding the warranty you purchased or received
  • Proof of your vehicle purchase or your leasing contract
  • All costs associated with towing, alternate transportation, and miscellaneous out of pocket costs
  • All repair orders, repair bills, and receipts for any work on your vehicle
  • Notes regarding any additional phone conversations, text messages, emails, or other correspondences you have had with the manufacturer, dealership, or repair shop

The more evidence you can present to build your case, the better your chances of success.

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While it is not required by law that consumers partner with an experienced California lemon law attorney when pursuing a claim, it will make the process easier to understand and pursue.

If you are experiencing ongoing mechanical trouble with a vehicle that is still under its manufacturer’s warranty, contact our experienced San Jose Lemon Law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 310-295-1888 or request a free consultation online to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the manufacturer for your full recovery.

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