At Lemon Law Now, our California lemon law attorney knows that when you decide to buy or lease a new car, the manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies it is designed to give you peace of mind that even if something goes wrong with the vehicle, you will not be the one paying for its repairs.

But what if what was initially deemed a couple of inconvenient trips to the dealership for repairs becomes an obvious manufacturer defect that cannot be fixed? Will your manufacturer warranty fit the validity requirements outlined by our California Lemon Laws?

Our California lemon law attorney will walk you through the requirements during a free consultation. And if we win your case, it is the manufacturer who is responsible for our legal fees, so you pay nothing for our experienced legal representation.

How Does the Language in My Vehicle Warranty Affect My Eligibility for California Lemon Law Protection?

A vehicle warranty is typically a written guarantee of the reliability of a car, truck, or SUV you are purchasing. It is also a contract stating the vehicle manufacturer’s responsibilities for repairing or replacing defective parts through a licensed and authorized agent, which is often the dealership.

During the sale process, the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer assumes the responsibility for maintaining the performance and structure of the vehicle through an express car warranty that is a written statement that accompanies the lease or purchase of a car from a manufacturer.

Should a problem with the vehicle arise, the manufacturer, dealer, or distributor agrees to compensate the consumer for the vehicle’s failures and shortcomings.

Under our California Lemon Laws, a written car warranty serves as a contract or promise between a consumer and a manufacturer that when materials or parts used during the manufacturing process and the craftsmanship behind them is guaranteed to remain free from defects and will perform at a specified level over the period of time outlined in the warranty.

The warranty will clearly define, in writing, the responsibilities of the manufacturer for refunding, repairing, or replacing the motor vehicle when the vehicle fails to conform to the manufacturer’s warranty.

When your vehicle cannot be fixed after the required number of reasonable attempts, our California Lemon Law protection may apply to your case, which means the manufacturer must make you whole again by providing financial compensation or a replacement vehicle.

Do You Believe Your California Vehicle is a Lemon and Need Help Proving It?

Because the statements or representations by the manufacturer may have been confusing or misleading at the time you purchased the vehicle, our California Lemon Law attorney can help you determine whether you have a valid car warranty and legitimate lemon law claim.

Contact our experienced Lemon Law attorney in California at Lemon Law Now by calling (310) 295-1888 or request a free consultation online to learn about your rights and how we can help you hold the manufacturer accountable for their warranty obligations today.

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