Our California lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C. knows that a check engine light can notify the car’s owner of several things, including the need for an oil change, so some consumers may overlook its appearance – especially when they have a million other things to worry about – like work, kids, school, and their extra-curricular schedules.

We understand that life is busy, and if your check engine light comes on frequently only to head to the dealership to have it “reset” when diagnosing the problem and leads to a similar reoccurrence, drivers tend to put the process on hold.

Here is why that is a bad idea.

Immediately Addressing the Defect Can Strengthen Your California Lemon Law Case

Our California Lemon Law protects consumers from the time they “should have known” their vehicle, which is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, was exhibiting issues that could not be fixed by the dealership or another authorized mechanic.

We warn clients against waiting to address any alerts that appear on the dashboard and to properly maintain their vehicle to avoid larger, costlier problems, or possible complications when filing a lemon lawsuit.

When our clients’ vehicles are exhibiting the same issues that cannot be resolved after a reasonable number of repair attempts, our California Lemon Law provides the opportunity to pursue a remedy in the form of financial recovery, or vehicle replacement options.

The problem is, the longer our California residents wait to pursue the consumer protection they are entitled to for filing a lemon law claim, the stronger the manufacturer’s argument may be that the consumer’s misuse or abuse is attributable to the material defect.

That means a remedy under our California lemon law will not be the manufacturer’s responsibility.

If the manufacturer can prove you ignored signs of a potentially damaging issue and continue to drive the vehicle, you may not receive compensation for your lemon law claim.

The manufacturer’s express written warranty will outline a recommended maintenance schedule and should be followed closely, which combined with the vehicle’s owner being willing to address any maintenance alerts, lights, or indicators including a check engine light will help you build a much stronger lemon law claim in California.

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