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The reality is, while the California Lemon Law effectively protects vehicle owners in the state from being stuck with a defective car, truck, or SUV, it includes statutes that dictate exactly who can pursue a claim.

Under the California lemon law, new or used vehicles with a factory warranty that have been unsuccessfully repaired four times, or twice when the defect presents a life-threatening safety issue, or that have been out of service for 30 days during the warranty period may be designated lemons.

Before January 1, 2008, the California Lemon Law only applied to consumers who purchased vehicles inside the state.

Since, the California Lemon Law was further extended to provide protection to all military personnel stationed in California, regardless of where the vehicle was purchased.

That is good news for any of the nearly 163,000 military personnel stationed in California, who may have brought a defective vehicle with them from out of state.

Which California Military Members Can Pursue a Lemon Law Claim?

To be eligible to file a lemon law claim, the Member of the Armed Forces/vehicle owner must possess a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, and still have attempted to have the same issue fixed during the previously listed number of dealership appointments without reaching a remedy.

This law defines “Member of the Armed Forces” for purposes of California’s Lemon Law as a person on full-time active duty in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, or Coast Guard, and provides that full-time active duty also include active military service at a designated military service school.

If you are a currently a member of the Armed Forces in California and believe your vehicle may have a defect that is affecting your ability to use the car, truck, or SUV — even if it was not purchased in the state — our skilled Los Angles lemon law attorney would like to review your case during a free consultation.

You have rights, and we would be honored to help protect them.

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