Our lemon law attorney in San Diego knows that when our clients are dealing with a vehicle that is showing signs of a manufacturer’s defect, their life can be turned upside down by constant maintenance trips to the dealership or authorized repair shops, only to learn the mechanic cannot fix the issue.

If that is true for you, and your car was purchased in California and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may have a legitimate lemon law claim.

So, what is next?

Our San Diego County lemon law attorney only handles California Lemon Law cases, which means we partner with our clients to learn exactly what they want from their claim, so we can pursue the outcome they desire.

Most of our clients do not know they have options under our consumer protection laws, which is why it is important to partner with a lemon law attorney in San Diego who listens to your story, understands your needs, and prioritizes your settlement accordingly.

Here is what you need to know before filing a San Diego lemon law claim.

California Consumers Deserve Justice

Our San Diego lemon law attorney knows how frustrating it is to buy or lease a vehicle to have reliable transportation, only to have a manufacturer’s defect leave you consistently stranded.

While vehicles that are considered lemons are not incredibly common, if you end up with one, it can turn your life upside down by impeding your ability to get to work, school, transport your children or other family members, or even go to the grocery store.

Our lemon law attorney in San Diego focuses on earning fair compensation for clients who were sold a faulty vehicle by pursuing the manufacturer for the remedy that will deliver justice by making our clients whole again.

That includes negotiating with the manufacturer to:

  • Replace your vehicle
  • Repurchase your vehicle
  • Offer a cash settlement for your vehicle

Our recent settlements and satisfied clients help tell the story of our San Diego lemon law attorney’s commitment to our California communities because we believe all vehicle owners deserve to have safe transportation they can count on.

How Does the San Diego Lemon Law Attorney at Shainfeld Law Produce Results?

Our San Diego lemon law attorney represents clients throughout California using a completely transparent approach to pursuing results.

We do not make bold guarantees about your claim but let our experience and track record speak for themselves — including the fact that we typically produce results for our clients within 90 days of taking their cases.

We provide a clear outline of what you can expect from the California lemon law claim process and present the legal options that are available for your unique needs, so you can make informed decisions about the direction of your case.

We explain to each of our clients that our California lemon law attorney never requires upfront costs or fees because the manufacturer is solely responsible for paying for their legal representation after we win their cases.

That means you never pay for our legal services out of pocket.

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