At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney knows no one buys a new car intending to return it. However, there may be extenuating circumstances that make returning the vehicle feel like their only option.

In California, the consumer’s right to return a vehicle must occur by the close of business within two days, or within the time-frame allowed by the contract, without exceeding the miles permitted in the agreement.

If all terms of the contract are met, and the vehicle is returned to the dealer, the seller must provide a full refund of the deposit, registration fees, sales tax, or trade-in vehicle collected from the buyer. However, if any of the contract standards were violated, the dealer may refuse the return of the vehicle.

Why Would a Consumer Want to Return a Vehicle to the Dealership?

There are typically three reasons why a consumer would want — or need — to return a new or certified used vehicle to the dealership.

They include:

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Discovering they were overcharged
  • Problems with the vehicle

Buyer’s remorse can happen any time someone buys a big-ticket item like a vehicle. The problem is, it is typically not a legitimate reason to return a car, especially if you miss the two-day grace period.

Some dealerships may make concessions for consumers who have stretched their budgets when making the purchase but, in most cases, a sale is a sale, and it is final.

If a consumer believes they have been overcharged by the dealership, or somehow believe the salesperson misrepresented the vehicle and wants to return it, they may have a legal case to do so.

If this is true for you, you will need evidence to prove that you were overcharged and should consult an attorney to learn more about your consumer rights to return the vehicle.

If you are experiencing problems with the vehicle but have already missed the two-day grace period to return it, follow the manufacturer or dealer’s warranty protocol for repairs.

If you continue to have recurring mechanical issues with the vehicle, and the dealership cannot fix it, our California Lemon Laws may provide the consumer protection you need to replace or repurchase your vehicle.

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