Case Details for the BMW X5 Lemon

This Orange County lemon law client purchased a certified pre-owned BMW X5 in 2014 for his wife and family to get safely around town.  He chose this BMW X5 because it only had 13,000 miles and was still under the manufacturer warranty.  At approximately 26,000 miles this vehicle began to experience issues with the shocks failing, the brakes squeaking, and the engine leaking fluid.  Like most California lemon law clients, this client simply wanted his vehicle fixed so his family could use this lemon BMW X5 as intended.  This vehicle went in for repairs all the way through 2019, where this lemon SUV had almost 85,000 miles.  This BMW lemon was not only unsafe but creating tension in the household as  no one wanted to drive this vehicle.

This lemon law client did not know about the lemon law or think he had any other solution than to go and sell this car, which he had planned on keeping for a much longer period.  Prior to selling this lemon BMX X5 a friend told him to reach out to Lemon Law Now,  which was founded by Brett Shainfeld.  Upon reaching out to an expert in lemon law at Shainfeld Law, this California lemon law client spoke with a qualified lemon law attorney, who informed him that while the car was high mileage, and the burden would be on the client to prove his California lemon law claim, the lemon law attorney at LemonLawNow believed there was merit to this case and should proceed immediately.  Within 3 weeks of providing the lemon law documents to Shainfeld Law, the lemon law attorneys were able to obtain a full buyback on this lemon BMW X5.

Upon hearing the results obtained on his lemon law claim, this lemon law client was overwhelmed at the amazing lemon law result achieved, a claim he never knew even existed.  Thanks to the lemon law lawyers at LemonLawNow this Orange County lemon law client is now safe and happy driving his family around in a new SUV which is free of any troubles.

Simply because your car is used or has high mileage does not mean you do not have a lemon law claim.  It take a qualified lemon law attorney to review your case and make sure your lemon law rights are protected.  Had this BMW lemon law client not contacted Shainfeld Law and LemonLawNow he would still be driving around in an unsafe vehicle.

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