Case Details for the Chevrolet Sonic Lemon

This San Mateo, California Lemon Law client purchased his brand new Chevrolet Sonic to help him get around the bay area, including both work trips and fun trips between San Francisco and the East Bay.  This Chevrolet Sonic started having problems within the first 5,000 miles, which were evidenced by a loud high pitch noise when driving.  If anything this sonic noise made this a Chevrolet Sonic Lemon.  After 4 repair attempts within the first 9,000 miles, this California lemon law client had lost faith in the safety and reliability of his lemon Chevrolet Sonic.  Rather than reach out to a qualified lemon law attorney, he tried to resolve his lemon law claim on his own.  After going back and forth with General Motor’s customer service in an effort to prove his Lemon claim, this Chevrolet lemon law client was frustrated at the delays.

These delays led him to research for a qualified Lemon Law attorney.  After speaking with a few different firms this lemon law client decided to go with Shainfeld Law.  The basis for his decision was that he spoke directly with a qualified lemon law attorney who outlined the California lemon law process in detail.  After sending in all his repair orders from authorized repair orders, the lemon law attorneys at Lemon Law Now, obtained him a buyback within three weeks.  This lemon law client was excited at such prompt results but still believed his lemon law claim should have been handled in a quicker manner by General Motors without having to retain a California lemon law lawyer.

This San Mateo Lemon Law client is now out his Chevy lemon and driving the streets of San Mateo and the bay in a car that is quiet and safe.  The lesson to be learned from this California lemon law success story is that it is important to use a lemon law attorney to help with your lemon law claim, which is the reason the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California’s lemon law provides for the payment of attorneys fees.  In the same way you could pull out a tooth that is in decay, but rather you go to an expert dentist, while you could handle your own California lemon law claim, you should hire an expert attorney who specializes in lemon law.

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