At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our lemon law attorney in California works hard to connect consumers with the laws that protect them from living with a potentially unsafe car, truck, or SUV or one that has a defect the mechanic cannot fix.

Our California Lemon Law is one of the most important consumer protections we have, and our law firm is dedicated to ensuring our clients have access to it, to prevent them from being stuck with an unrepairable vehicle.

Does the California Lemon Law Apply to All Vehicles?

The California Lemon Law applies to vehicles:

  • Sold or leased with a written manufacturer’s warranty that is still valid when the defect is established
  • Bought and utilized for family and personal use
  • That weigh less than 10,000 pounds that are mostly used for business uses, if five or fewer cars, trucks, or SUVs are registered to the firm

The Manufacturer Has a Duty to Repair the Vehicle

The manufacturer, dealership, or certified mechanic has a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle while it is under warranty.

Those repair attempts include:

  • The same problem has not been fixed after four or more attempts
  • The vehicle could cause serious bodily injury or death when driven and has not been repaired by the dealer/manufacturer after at least two attempts
  • The vehicle has been in the service location for more than thirty non-consecutive days

If the vehicle cannot be repaired, under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer will be required to repurchase the vehicle or compensate you with cash.

Do You Think Your California Vehicle is a Lemon?

At Shainfeld Law, our skilled California lemon law attorney knows how frustrating and unsafe it is to drive a vehicle that exhibits mechanical problems even after it has been in for multiple repairs.

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When our law firm represents your California lemon law case, you are never responsible for our legal fees, as they are paid directly by the manufacturer. Call us today to learn how we can put our over ten years of legal experience and 99% success rate to work for you.