Our California lemon law attorney in Los Angeles at Shainfeld Law, P.C. provides the skills, experience, and resources our clients need to pursue the best legal remedy for their California Lemon Law claims.

While it is not required that California consumers partner with a lemon lawyer to pursue a claim against the manufacturer, there are three very good reasons they should.

The California Lemon Law is Technical and Time Consuming

The technical and legal requirements to file a successful lemon law claim are cumbersome, especially if you are unaware of your complete consumer rights.

Qualified lemon lawyers will outline your claim based on facts and will apply them to the legal standards necessary to produce results from the manufacturer.

Partnering with a California Lemon Law Attorney Costs Consumers Nothing

Perhaps the best reason to partner with a California lemon law attorney is that when we are successful in filing your claim, the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for paying your legal fees.

However, our California lemon laws state that the claimant which would be you — is not responsible for paying the legal fees associated with their claim. Instead, the manufacturer must pay your legal fees directly to our law firm, so you are never paying for our legal costs out of pocket  period.

At Shainfeld Law, we have a 99% success rate. In the thousands of lemon law cases we have handled, our clients start the process by scheduling a free consultation and continue using our services without paying a single penny out of their own pockets.

California Consumers Who Work With Lemon Law Attorneys Get Better Results

As with any lawsuit, including personal injuries or divorces, having a lawyer by your side will produce a better outcome. When California consumers go it alone, they will face a team of lawyers who work directly for their vehicle manufacturer. Negotiating with a large contingency of attorneys without a law degree can be overwhelming. Since you do not have to pay for our legal services, you should not have to unnecessarily do all the work.

We will not allow the vehicle manufacturer to present you with a low-ball offer or leave any detail out of your settlement offer. We will always pursue the best outcome for each of our client’s unique lemon law cases. That is a promise.

If you are experiencing ongoing mechanical trouble with a vehicle that is still under its manufacturer’s warranty in California, contact our experienced Los Angeles County lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 888-609-2593 or request a free consultation online.