At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney takes great pride in representing California clients whose lives have been impacted by the purchase of a defective vehicle.

When our clients purchase new or used vehicles that are under the manufacturer’s warranty and are exhibiting recurring issues that a mechanic cannot fix, our California Lemon Law provides the protection they need to pursue a legal remedy.

Whether you want the money you have paid to date for the vehicle back, so you can start over, or if you want the vehicle replaced, so you can spend less time at the dealership or mechanic, our lemon lawyer in Los Angeles can help you pursue the manufacturer for a solution.

And it will cost you absolutely nothing to partner with our leading California lemon law attorney.

Do I Have to Pay the Legal Fees Associated With a California Lemon Law Claim?

The definitive answer to whether you must pay attorney fees to pursue a lemon law claim in California is no.

When you partner with our skilled lemon law attorney in Los Angeles, we will manage your case from end to end and recover our legal fees directly from the manufacturer, so you never pay out of pocket for our representation, thanks to state and federal laws that allow us to pursue and collect all legal fees and costs directly from them.

We will manage all the paperwork, filing, and negotiations with the manufacturer on your behalf while keeping you fully informed of the settlement process and ensuring your rights are protected.

Once a satisfying settlement offer is made, we will work directly with the manufacturer to ensure the terms of the agreement are finalized and you are awarded the proceeds.

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