At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our lemon law attorney in San Francisco knows that it takes more than an assumption — or even an allegation to build our California clients’ cases for success.

While our California Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers, the vehicle’s manufacturer is not simply going to offer to rebuy or replace each of our client’s vehicles without the proper evidence to prove that their vehicle has a manufacturer’s defect that a mechanic cannot fix after a qualifying number of attempts, thereby deeming it a lemon.

Fortunately, the more our California consumers know about our laws, the more they can help guide their case in the right direction with our skilled San Francisco lemon law attorney leading the way.

Here is what you need to know about filing a San Francisco lemon law claim.

Start by Learning What is Required to Pursue a Successful San Francisco Lemon Law Claim

Our California lemon law is very clear when it comes to determining whether our consumers have a legitimate claim.

First, the criteria require that the:

  • The vehicle was purchased in California
  • The vehicle is under a valid manufacturer’s warranty
  • Vehicle issues/defects were not caused by the driver’s use, abuse, or neglect

Next, we must show the vehicle defect:

  • Substantially impairs the value, use, or safety of the vehicle
  • Is covered by the manufacturer’s written new vehicle warranty

Even when this criterion exists, the vehicle’s manufacturer is not simply going to write a blank check to cover our client’s complete needs. However, most of our San Francisco lemon law clients have the documentation necessary to help build their claim for success.

You can help by gathering the following items, so they can be easily shared with our San Francisco lemon law attorney.

All vehicle paperwork associated with the purchase or lease, including:

  • A copy of your original manufacturer or dealership warranty
  • Invoices for all official costs related to the vehicle, including the sales tax and registration costs paid to date
  • Documentation for all payments made on the vehicle, including the down payment, loan payments, and the remaining balance of the loan
  • Receipts for all incidental costs related to the vehicle’s defects, including towing fees, rental cars, and public or private transportation costs

All repair records, including:

  • The dates and times of the attempts to fix the manufacturer’s defect
  • The amount of time the vehicle was left at the dealership for repairs
  • The outcome of the repair attempts
  • The name, role, and any identifying factors associated with the dealership employees who serviced the vehicle
  • Dealership employee’s signature confirming the repair order was closed

Once you have everything you need to pursue a valid claim, contact our California lemon law attorney to take over from here, so you can begin pursuing results.

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If your vehicle is still under its manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be fixed by the mechanic after a qualifying number of attempts, you may have a valid California lemon law claim.

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