At Lemon Law Now , our California lemon law attorney provides our residents with the facts and guidance they need to make informed decisions about pursuing their vehicle’s manufacturer for solutions regarding their defective cars, trucks, or SUVs.

Before being eligible to file a claim, consumers must understand the time constraints surrounding a Lemon Law claim. If you have a new or certified preowned vehicle that is less than four years old, under warranty, and have made a “reasonable number of attempts” to get your vehicle repaired but were unsuccessful, you may have a claim.

The next step is contacting a California Lemon Law Lawyer to discuss the details of your vehicle defects to learn about the options that will make you whole again.

What Are My Options When Pursuing a California Lemon Law Claim?

Our Lemon Law in California is precise and has stringent requirements that must be met to pursue success. Once we have met the burden of proof to pursue a claim, we will present the legal options available to you.

Our Lemon Law attorneys in California will outline your legal options, which may allow us to pursue one of three solutions from the manufacturer:

  1. Provide a replacement vehicle
  2. Repurchase your vehicle
  3. Pursue a cash settlement and you keep the vehicle

While any one of these three options will allow our clients to recover from their vehicle defects, each person we represent is unique, and so is the Lemon Law Now option that is right for you. We can help you weigh the options based on your needs, so you can make an informed decision about the outcome you prefer.

If you believe your vehicle is a lemon and would like to pursue results that allow you to get back on the road, our California lemon law attorney will aggressively pursue a claim on your behalf.

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